Best Of Custom "So Ugly It's Cool" Campers lll

This Camper makes a statement, it says, "Help Me"

It even has a back porch, ultimate award in class and accessibility
As if you haven't had enough, I keep finding these gems and just have to share them.

It's an unhealthy compunction I cannot resist, and I know you enjoy it as much as I do, there is something in us that ADMIRES the spirit that drove these Folks to do it their own way, sometimes without regard for gravity of sense.

God Bless 'Em and long may they keep building and dreaming their individual right to travel and freedom.
Is This Photoshopped? And if not, Where Can I Get One!

The Aussies enter their own Classic Homemade

This Begs the Question, "Why?"

Hangin with the Chickens at Whittington Campground, Ewing, Illinois

There is something sinister about these RV Park Savy Marauders

Have you any Chicken Feed?
We plopped down in Ewing, Illinois at one of our favorite migration RV Parks, Whittington Woods Campground and just decided to stay for a few days.

I was looking like rain for a couple days and we don't like to travel in wet weather so we settled in and enjoyed ourselves for a few days with the Good Folks at Whittington.

It's a policy of ours to not tear down the road in wet weather, not because our Fiver leaks, (but it is a consideration that at 60 MPH it just might), it has more to do with stopping distances on wet pavement and the silly compact cars that slam on the brakes in front of us on a regular basis.

We both drove Big Rigs at one time and know from experience that the basic rule that it takes three times the length of space to brake on wet pavement is an understatement. It's more like Five lengths in all reality. So we just stay off the roads during the wet weather if we can.

Besides, we were just having too much fun relaxing at one of our favorite rest stops. What can I say about a place that has "Wild Life"? Between the crazy black squirrels and the insidious sneaky chickens lurking outside the door, we just can't get enough of the place.

We also needed to pick up an new tire, when you travel on the Illinois Interstate, bring plenty of spare tires. The pavement on the solid white line side is riddles with potholes the side of basketballs that just appear out of now where, we are sure this contributed to the short life of this brand new tire, as the shoulders are littered with shreds of tires in profusion, along with lots of black braking stripes from Big Rigs hauling over to the side in a hurry.

Yes, it the tire well molding got trashed too, but at least this trailer is designed to protect the underbelly, so little damage was done and we'll just order up a new molding when we get to Florida.

We don't get too upset about flat tires, our old trailer went through them like they were donuts at Dunkin's, (we were a bit overweight in the old rig), so Doyle had changing a flat down to a fifteen minute job, we don't even bother with the full road side assistance we have, would take longer to make the call than getting it changed and on the way again. We always make sure we pull off in a safe area and such, but it's part and parcel of living on the road and you just have to expect to go through the rubber if you tear around the country on bad interstates like we do.

Every get the feeling you are being watched, well, you are!
We don't have to set up for an Event until the 30th, so we have a little time to slow down and enjoy the scenery on our trip, this RV Park is very quiet and there are lots of other Full Timers here to visit with as we lay about.

The picture on the right was taken at one of the excellent rest stops in Illinois, we were just about to get back in the truck when we got the feeling we were being observed, and sure enough, we were being sized up by a resident attack cat in the motor coach next to us!

Glad to know we are not the only ones being owned and manipulated by a feline nomad, we like to think it's our idea to travel the country, but I think the real situation is we are under the mind control of our two cats who want to see the world.

Sleeping or cleverly invoking mind control techniques?

Seemingly innocent sleep, yet subliminally plotting our next move...
Evidence? Why is it we will munch crackers and live on chips if we are low on food but if the litter or the cat food is getting low, we will make a special trip to the store at all ungodly hours. Proof positive of being possessed by Felines.

Annual Migration Galesburg Illinois to Montgomery Alabama

We are on our way again, after a wonderful stop in Colona, Illinois for a Heartfelt reunion at Fort Obie with all our friends who stood by us in our hour of need when Doyle had his surgery last year this week.

Words cannot describe how we feel about these Good Folks and all the other people who grace our little corner of the world of reenacting.

We live a special life, full of adventure and danger at the same time. You never know what's on the road ahead of you, or what is coming up from behind. It takes a special set of steely nerves and a bit of prayer to keep us rolling in the direction of our dreams.

Between Owatonna, MN and Galesburg, Ill we had a tire on the trailer separate, which is especially irritating since we carefully inspected our tires that morning, as well as the capable staff at Noble RV. doing a thorough inspection themselves that very day. There was no reason for this tire to unwrap other than it was defective. I will be getting a hold of the maker and complaining LOUDLY.

It caused minor damage to the wheel well, not enough to really complain about. Will post the pictures and such when we are stopped again, SOMEONE forgot to grab her camera when she climbed in the truck, so I can't even get some shots of the Illinois country side as we roll along.....and the pictures of the damage are still on it.

Sure feels good to be rolling along again, I was up at 5:00am this morning I was so excited to get moving South, almost put the slides in before Doyle woke up. Usually I'm the one sleeping in, Doyle usually makes coffee and then wakes me up, but I just couldn't sleep knowing the trail lay ahead of us, and I wanted to get to Montgomery, Al as quick as possible so we have some time to visit with some friends and do a little historical rambling about.

I don't know if you realize it, I am typing along while Doyle drives, I have my cell phone tethered so I can hook up to the internet as we roll, Cell reception is actually super good on the main roads and Interstate since the emergency people need all the towers to keep in contact since radio communications were never that reliable for them.

There is something really cool about riding along surfing the net, if Doyle needs to get directions, or spots something that interests him, I can just Google it up and get him the info he needs. Mostly I just read everyone else's blogs and answer my emails.

Speaking of that, I'd better close this one out and get some pictures processed that a good friend took at Obie of our Native American Clothing Fashion Show, Thanks Cindy for thinking to bring your camera and getting some nice pictures, it was such a wonderful thing to have a thousand years of Native dress represented in one small log cabin!

Two Dinosaurs Meet Another at Chicago Field History Museum

Obligatory Skyline photos through the windshield
Having never been to the Windy City, we were more than apprehensive about driving our one ton dually there, having been scared straight by so many horror stories told us by others, especially when we were driving right into the heart of the city to the shore of Lake Michigan to the Chicago Field History Museum.

We charted a course and plunged right into morning traffic on I-55 to Lakeshore Drive and were pleasantly surprised to find it no more intimidating than Minneapolis/St. Paul or even Orlando, Florida.

We had an appointment with the Staff at the museum to view a 150 year old dress I had been studying for the past ten years. 

Had a nice visit with "Sue"
I must say I was pleasantly surprised at our reception,
 we were treated very well and were given the "Keys to the City" after our inspection was completed.

Don't let anyone tell you "City Folk" are cold and rude, we had the greatest time and everyone was exceptionally polite and helpful to us "Back Woods Types".

Examining the Garment in Question
If you ever have time to visit the museum, by all means, do so! They have an incredible exhibit of Pre Contact Early American Art and Culture. We almost regret not having a couple days or more to see everything!
Many surprise finds...

Doyle is amazed at the level of care the garment is given
I think the best part of it was not only being granted access to the item we needed more information on, but the level of care and consideration the items they have in their collection are given.

No expense has been spared in keeping these items in the condition they were collected at, as well as some really incredible restorations done on precious items that have seen better days.

The garment I was studying was in such good shape, it was hard to tell how old it was, it looked as if it had been sewn the day before we got there!

I now have the information I need and many days will be spent going over the pictures and film of the day, I have many patterns and diagrams to chart out before forget details that are still fresh in my mind now.

At any rate, our visit to Chicago was a pleasant one and we look forward to going back next year and learning more!
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