Catching Up...with Full Time Friends, we have arrived in our Wintering Grounds!

Well, here we are in Georgetown, Florida again for another wonderful Winter, this is the first year we are at Scrufty's at Christmas time and it's been a real treat to be somewhere where Folks really "put on the dog" when it comes to the decorating and such..we woke up to a towering inflatable Santa at the entrance and all sorts of cute animated puffery all about the lot.

Of course this means I have to do my own part, so I decided my theme is "Recycle Christmas" and I'm trying all sorts of new projects that involve reusing throw away items and trying to make it classy at the same time. Why? I don't know....probably because Doyle and I are amazed that even to cook a few simple meals in a day we can fill an entire wastebasket with needless I made some Christmas lights from water bottles, (see previous post for goofy video I made), and am making some Faux metal jewelry from So Be bottles just because I can.

It seems odd that a serious Historian Librarian type would be playing with plastic Christmas fluff when her whole life's work is recreating pre-contact native clothing, but it's been fun to get my head out of the research and goof off a bit.

It's also hard to take things seriously when there is an inflated Santa in an inflated outhouse just outside my window and he keeps getting up and peeking out, (yes, he is animated!). So I'm just going with the flow, for now.

We've been on a dead run for weeks now, we spent a month in Alabama, "Land of Enchantment" and we are firm believers! we spent most of our time at museums and old primitive historical mound sites documenting various aspects of pre-contact life. The area we were in is just North of Montgomery, (Actually Wetumpka), and we really felt the magic of the area, it was the sight of a major meteor hit way before humans walked the earth and it is geologically fascinating!

Well enough about that dry history stuff, if your not into it, I gather it's like watching paint dry... on to the Big Event, shortly after arriving here in Florida we went to the St. Augustine Flea Market, which is super cool if you like lots of vintage stuff and I found something I had been missing for 30 years....MY ELECTRIC FRYING PAN!

I am actually convinced this is the very frying pan I made the mistake of getting rid of back in the 1980's, a decision I have always regretted.

The gal sold it to me for a whopping $5.00, I almost ran out of the building and fled the area, thinking she'd reconsider and be after me.

I learned how to cook in one of these, my previous experiences being limited to wood stoves, fires and balky electric stoves, so this was the first kitchen utensil I actually embraced and became proficient at.

So I just had to make fried chicken, (Gluten Free, of course), with fresh green snap beans fried in the drippings after the chicken was done.

A meal fit for royalty and cooked to perfection!

We also have become THE premiere Beach Bums, running to the Beach at St. Augustine every chance we get, picking shells, wandering the dunes, holding hands and all that silly stuff you do when you realize you have just escaped another cold Winter in the North by inches....
So I do apologize for not posting more often, I'm sure there are plenty of Folks out there worrying as when we don't keep in touch they assume we are having health, or other problems, but it seems we are doing great and with it has come a burst of energy to get out there and live! 

Which we are doing to the best of our ability, although I will admit, even after working and keeping a regular schedule of eating right, exercising and daily long walks, the days at the beach almost killed us, requiring us to take a couple days off to eat Advil and whine a bit!

Hope you are all doing well and I hope to get back to some regular posts and picture taking, I think I'm going to invest in a new camera next week, my old 5 mega pixel Sony pocket camera is just barely limping along, (even the painting is worn off and you have to have a good memory to get the right settings), It does all sorts of unexplainable odd things that tell me it's time to put "Old Faithful" to rest.

I know I must have taken near ten thousand pictures with's hard to say good bye to something that has worked so well and now all the new ones require a college course just to turn them on, (did I say that? The old computer techie crying about new technology? I am getting old!).


DeanO said...

What a fun post and $5.00...I think I would have ran with my new treasure also. The big blow up Santa - I love it

Jeff the ALDI Shopper said...

Love the old electric appliances - the new ones aren't NEARLY as good. I'm pretty sure we had the same frying pan, that knob on the lid looks awfully familiar!

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