Better Than Facebook, Blog Roll Rules!

What we need to get around these days...
I haven't posted much lately, first my back went out, then we did four Events in a row, then I got this Flu/Grunge/Crud that has been taking everyone down lately. We haven't been sick in more than five years, so this has been a real experience for us, being out in the fresh air constantly usually stems most illnesses, but this one caught us because I was laid up with the bad back....(whine, whine, whine...).

We usually get our truck and trailer maintenance done this time of year, we can't get in early this week because so many Service People are out with the same Crud! What an ordeal it has been!
Camper of the Future..wonder what they tow it with?
One thing after another like this keeps me from posting because I don't want this to become the "Old Whiners Aches and Pains Blog", but it does help me catch up on what everyone else is up to in my Blog Roll, (bottom right of this page).

I have been intensively busy with my new Blog, "Stitching Up History", which I thought was just going to be a place to keep a record of all my web research for myself, but has now turned into a world-wide reference for other historians trying to create accurate Historical Native American Clothing! Who knew anybody cared about this stuff accept me?

The problem being, I didn't get everything I've researched up and running on the site as it was going to be just for me to grab or post stuff to, since it has become so popular, I sorta have to get some basic stuff posted I never intended to, since I had the info elsewhere for my own perusal, but popularity has its costs!

I am excited to have found other "Kindred Spirits" who are on the same quest as I am through Blogging, and that's why today's article is on Blogger being waaaaay better than Facebook!

Especially with the recent changes in format, has anyone else noticed how irritating Facebook has become? With every change they make, it seems that more and more all I am seeing is posts from people who are mentally picking their nose or those darn, "Post this to your Status" posts that make me want to tear my hair out.

Why on earth would I ever be such a moron as to just copy paste someone else's ideas? Don't they realize it turns the entire site into a jumble of multiple postings of the same darn post? And usually most of these posts are STUPID, SAPPY or UNIFORMED, or just Plain WRONG! (Post this to you Status if you agree, 99% of you won't have the intestinal fortitude to it! Ooops, Sorry).

But, my Blog Roll is my First News of choice in the morning, I wake up, check my email, check my Kids on Facebook and then settle back and scan the Blog Roll to see what others of a like mind are up to. It sure is a pleasure after the assault of Facebook!
I see we are facing the same challenges, the weather, sickness and problems with those things not taken care of yet, many are still trying to dispose of their homes and get on the road, some are experiencing break downs and repairs and some are just cruising along enjoying the scenery and making us all want to get those final details wrapped up and on the road again!

As I stated before, we have been down the last two weeks due to sickness and our annual maintenance routine we run through before we head to Colona, Illinois and Montgomery Alabama for an Event we love, then to Georgetown, Florida for the Winter.

It seems like a simple jaunt, but we are ending up complicating everything for ourselves, as long as we are having work done to the trailer we will be in striking distance of an Event we used to do, so we are going to run over and spend an afternoon there catching up on old acquaintances, which will add a hundred miles or so to the road log and eat up a good day.

Then, since we have so much free time, we jaunt over to the Chicago Field History Museum to examine a 200 year old Deer Hide Strap Dress for my research and top it off with an Event in Colona, Illinois the end of the week.

After that we tear down to Wetumpka, Alabama and do another Event, but first we take a day to run over to Atlanta, Georgia to check out an Event and see a good friend from Florida we haven't seen in a year.

Then it's down to Florida to collapse and spend a quiet Thanksgiving, (I think). We just don't know when to stop, but if things get to hairy, we will employ our new philosophy which is "Us First" and cut back on the extra trips to save energy and sanity.

Our main goal is to get through the next two Events and get to Florida, everything else is subject to change if we get tired....except the Museum trip, I have planned this excursion for ten years and, come heck or high water, we will get there to add to my knowledge of what women really wore Before European Influence.

So, if my postings are down recently, you can see what I have been up against! I hope you do as I do and read about other people who want to or are living the Full Time Lifestyle, the blog roll is at the bottom right of the page and makes a refreshing change to the Facebook, and other "Internet Morasses" such as the RV Forums, which seem to have fallen into a state of lethargy lately....


Jessica said...

I know what you mean - my forays into "blogville" have definitely moved facebook out of first place! I do check fb usually to see what family mbrs are up to, but I spend a lot more time reading blogs. :)

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