Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend Loading up a New!

We pulled into Noble RV Friday in our Forest River Work and Play and began a day long transfer of our worldly goods from our old trailer into our new 2011 Road Warrior 361.

Here are both our trailers side by side for the first and last time.

Thanks to the folks from Noble RV we got our new 5th wheel hitch installed in the bed of our truck and they were very accommodating about allowing us the time and space to get all the work done, they even lent us a hand with some of our moving!

They gave us a very thorough walk through, explaining everything we needed to know about taking her down the road, and helped us hitch up right the first time so we knew what to do on our own.

We can't say enough good things about the Folks at Noble RV, they worked around our busy schedule and made sure we got everything we needed to make our purchase a memorable one.

As I've said before, with these folks it's not about the sale, it's the beginning of a long and happy relationship. When we thanked them for all the special treatment we received they said, "We just like to help good folks like you".

They made my husband feel like a kid buying his first car...he drove away with confidence feeling like a king. Still hasn't stopped smiling!

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