Our New Home on it's way..

This the new interior of our Road Warrior 361.

It is being built in just a few days and will be delivered in a couple of weeks.

Our Trailer will not have the dinette, it will have the dining room set and a different decor, but the floorplan is otherwise identical.

The latest build improvements include Cherry stained cabinetry, wood paneled fridge door and bigger windows in the slide out. There are many more new features that were added.

We chose this model because of it's homey interior, (many are admittedly decorated to cater to the weekend sportsmen), this has the appeal of a Northern Cabin on the Lake. It has a 14 foot garage to put our kitchen equipment in, and is well laid out and appointed.

HeartlandRVs has gone out of it's way to provide a luxurious feel to it's line of Traveling homes, and the solidly built chassis doesn't hurt it's reputation either.

This is going to be our full-time home, so we needed something that had plenty of storage and a roomier feel. This model suits us just fine.

We would like to thank NobleRV of Owatonna, Mn for ordering it for us. Court Fink is a great guy to deal with, he went out of his way to get us our home the way we want it and we are truly grateful. The Rootbeer is on it's way Guys!

We are so excited!

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