Doyle's End of the Trailer....

OK, I know all you Guys out there are sayin' "Enough of the Girlie Stuff, what's Doyle going to do with that Garage?"

Well, we have a canvas 40X40 kitchen to haul, along with all the things that go along with making great food so he spent his "spare" time building free standing NSF shelving to hold it all.

He and his Nephew J.C. built it so that it is strategically bolted to the floor and then braced so it doesn't touch or mar the walls.

They used masonite board to cover the walls and doors.

Here is my last view out the beautiful glass door before they covered it with board to protect it from accidental shifts in cargo... I'll miss the light, but safety first!

They also used the board to cover the windows and other places they felt needed protecting...the great part being that with the new mirrored windows, you can't see the board from the outside!

And here's the final result, the trailer being almost fully loaded. Future plans call for the rebuilding of the shelves to allow access from the side door, but with being on the road and far from home we didn't have the plasma cutter and welder with us so we had to make do until we have the right tools and time.

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