Customizing our Road Warrior 361 On The Fly!

In between and during our Event at Ahlman's in Morristown MN....

My first change in the interior was to turn the dining table and place it ag
ainst the wall, (carefully re-screwing it down in place).

We then added two beautiful leather executive chairs.

Not that we did not like the layout as is with the beautiful dining chairs, we nee
ded this change because we both use laptops to do our small business office work so we needed desk space and of course we choose to do it with style.

We used the dining chair strap downs to secure the chairs when in motion.

We also added a Faux Mink fur blanket on top of the couch, as our owner "The Ca
t" has taken this spot as her favorite perch and we dast not cheeze off the boss...

One of my great surprises today was reading the manual for the stereo system I found out I can hook up my ipod and play it through the speaker system! All my favorite playlists at my fingertips! Could it get any better than this?

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