Friday, March 18, 2016

Yard Tent Fun Beach Tiki Tent Remodel Lighting and Design EZ Pop Up Tent Makeover

The New Interior of my Modern Tiki Beach Themed Yard Tent

My New Chick Feeder Bird Feeder Wowza!
My yard has been a dry pit for several seasons now. Principally because our neighbor decided to dig up my back yard and plant a huge dish in it while I was hospitalized.

It took a while, but I argued and got the dish removed. I was left with a battle scarred lawn with strange grasses and various woodland carpet plants.

During my illness I never felt comfortable in my backyard. My neighbors have intense nose problems.

I resolved that I was going to build a barrier and did so by putting a 10 by 10 tent between the back of our Fifth Wheel and the boundary fence behind us. This was a tent that had been in use of over seven years and the top was gone, a suitable replacement seemed out of reach at $150.00 when I could buy a new tent for that.

We bought two cheaper yard tents in the meantime and had set them up, one storm had wadded them both up rendering them useless.

Out of those two brown topped white frame and one black frame green sided tent would come something out of a Beach Goers dream.
Not a pretty sight From the wreckage..
One of the things I really wanted to feature in the tent was a vintage wood framed umbrella I had found at a yard sale for $5.00. It had proved to hard to keep from flying away and seemed awkward and lonely in the moon surface like atmosphere of the yard.

Nestled inside the tent it became a shabby chic statue on which to hang lights. I wanted to give just the hint of a jellyfish by having tendrils of shell, copper wrapped glass orbs of light hanging below and golden ratio swirls on the top of umbrella awning.

I used rope light to define the ceiling area, or water surface with slightly undulating waves racing around three sides of the edge.

Nicely lit at night form the outside, nothing to bright..

Midnight at the Oasis... now to find a couch to put the Camel to Bed on! LOL

Legless Flamingo Refuge...

the entire diamond frame has now been rebuilt with Zip Ties

Daytime view, Zp ties replace black electricians tape and Duc Tape used to pin temporarily making a sturdy frame
I still have a long way to go, I need to select flooring get new pots for plants and some kind of seating.. benches for plants and more Chachi...LOL

I hope you enjoy my salvage job makeover yard tent. I just had to use what I have to make something nice. In the end I did spend about $200.. but that was to lights and doodads. Just the structure cost my $50.00 for the new top, everything else was salvage. The interior is also all salvage, the $200. being plants and reliable electrical cords mostly...and a new weed wacker to stand in the corner.

If you want to see the First Part of the transformation from Storm Tossed Junk to New Tiki Tent Click HERE

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