Friday, February 12, 2016

Eaglet Rescued and Returned to Nest, Will The Mother Eagle Harriet Accept the Chick?

I am not afraid to admit I have an eagle obsession and can't stop watching eagle cam here in Florida. iT helps that the nest is just a few miles form here too!

Mother Eagle Harriet on the left has not fed EB since he was returned to the nest. EB is the smaller baby eaglet at the top of the screen. He became entangled in fishing line and was rescued by crane and taken to an aviary facility where the line was removed and he was subsequently returned to the nest.

Since being returned to the nest EB has been lethargic and uninterested in the surroundings. Harriet has ignored EB's return to this point. The larger Eaglet eats it's fill and can barely hold more when Harriet first tries to feed the weakened Eaglet. It almost refuses food, but feeds successfully.

Next we see The Male Eagle return to the nest and begin to feed the larger Eaglet. This, in turn forces Harriet to acknowledge and feed EB. Will it be enough to save EB's Life? It remains to be seen. 

Eaglets seldom make it in pairs due to their competitiveness. I was just glad to catch the moment of acceptance!

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