Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ambassador Groundhog Still Held as Political Prisoner For Crime Committed by Ancestor

Acting or Silent Scream For Help.. You Be the Judge

Associated Rodent Press - February 2, 2016
I am not sure of the hour, nor day.. all my time being spent in shadow and confinement in an underground prison designed to expose and torment me. My one and only comfort in this sad monotony is my hibernation, my succor, my deliverance from the agony that is my present situation.

But even in this they will not let me rest. Their final cruelty in this political jest is to rip me from my slumber in yet the coldest part of winter, and parade me through the street to the alter of humiliation in the center of town.

There they jeer and shriek at me, inquiring of me the future state of the weather, obviously alluding to my ancestor having been delegated the Ambassador from the Forest Nations sent to warn the humans about Global Climate Change over 200 years ago.

Instead of harkening to The Elders voice they imprisoned my ancestors, subjecting them to the worst form of punishment with no redress or reason given as to why we have been held generation after generation with no trial or chance to ever be released to return to our ancient kingdom.

We fear the very Kingdom we dream of seeing again may not even exist any longer. Our pups, who have discovered a way of accessing the internet, tell us there is a great city where once our forest stood.

Our dream is to one day overpower our Overlords and try to get back to what remains of our kind in the wild. There are flights that go to places with vast fields of open grass and seemingly no human presence. We can ship ourselves anywhere in the world if we are all up on our shots.

Our future generation of Pups will access the computers of the Technicians and alter the files to request a transfer to Africa, or some such suitable place as will take us in as refugees. Until then:


Copy by TerriM©2016 - Photo accredited to "Groundhog Day" with Bill Murray and Phil

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