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5 Top Super Bowl Party Simple RV Barbecue Grill Recipe Ideas

All Time Super Bowl Favorite Perfectly Grilled Whole Turkey
Hang the TV under the awning, move the living room outside, fire up the grill and make some RV Park History with Your All American RV Camping Super Bowl Party! It will be the hit of the Season with it's outdoor grilled goodness that starts some simple and inexpensive ways to save money over catering, (yeah, like that would happen), most of us have a budget, and here's how you can feed what seems like hundreds of starving foot soldiers.

They will weep for joy, you keep the mess of the cooking outside this year, and you still have time to paint your belly and pose for selfies in front of your Bountious Buffet!
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Hands Down, Turkey is Number 1 on any Football Fans list! It's also the cheapest meat if you buy frozen a week or more before the Party and thaw in your fridge.

Another inexpensive way to get more mileage from your turkey is to stuff it with a meat based Stuffing and make gravy. 

From buying Turkey Loaf, (not recommended), to a full fledged bird with all the fixings, you can find a way to make your turkey special and on budget!

The way I like to cook it in my Holland Convection Grill is to:

Use a double foil pan with a slab of cardboard in between the pans to keep to much heat from transferring to the bottom of the bird. 

Make sausage stuffing by browning a pound of ground sausage and with two onions, toss with fresh bread or crouton stuffing, season.. stuff bird and fill second pan with neck, and stuffing to be heated after bird is removed. Keep in a cool place. 

Bake at 400-425 degrees using the lb's recommendations online and a meat thermometer as a guide to doneness. After taking the bird out of the grill, place the stuffing pan inside the grill and heat through.

Canned or Loaf Ham Is You Party Friend!
Next on my personal list of inexpensive Super Bowl Party foods is inexpensive Loaf Ham. You can dress it up with pineapple and sweet n sour or barbecue sauce making it look like the more expensive versions of this popular sandwich meat. 

If you have many to feed and are pinched for funds, nothing beats a couple of these hams diamond slashed, marinated and then grilled for a couple hours to heat them up.. throw in some sweet potatoes and buy some buns and butter you'll have a hearty full meal that they'll ask for again!

Did Anyone Say Pizza?
Pizza is my Own Super Bowl Sunday Favorite.... The Take Out Pizza Guys are going to shoot me for doing this.. but I have a great way to make frozen and store bought deli pizza into a Deep Dish Masterpiece! I have the entire recipe is HERE.
Pizza is in the Top Three and Holding for Super Bowl Foods for a reason. It's wonderfully filling and and can be customized to your personal tastes. 
Fried Chicken Anyone?
Here's a show stopper that makes grown linebackers kneel and beg. Country Fried Chicken. It's cheap, it's well liked, but plan on spending your time tending the fire instead of celebrating..

you may want to consider some chicken wing recipes that you can grill, as well as drumsticks, (which are the bargain of the chicken meat world and people love them!

Whole or halved chickens are an easy grill item and hearty eating!

Country Ribs Barbecued Right!

Of course who can Leave Barbecued Ribs off the list? Especially in the South, a rack of ribs is a requirement and many a Fan has gone early to his grave asking for the recipe of Super Bowl Cooks secret marinade.

I buy Country Boneless ribs for ease of cooking and then use a good cheap barbecue sauce, often combining two or three types for extra zing!

Country ribs just need to be seasoned and baked in a pan for an hour, then add BBQ sauce and let grill until desired doneness. This is another great recipe that requires so little work for such a great result. This also keeps "The Baster" in the family happy.. something about stroking your ribs with some kind of mop is an addiction for some! LOL


I hope these ideas have been helpful to you and helps you save money while making your occasion more epic! We may have downsized and are living in a smaller world but we need to remember that we can still entertain outdoors in style and at a Great Price!

My Holland Grill

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These super Bowl Party ideas are amazing and glad that you shared about them here. I am on a hunt for a good venue and looking for great venues in Los Angeles for my party. Not getting anything within my budget.

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