Sharing the Vaping Lifestyle with my Full Time RV Friends

Warning..Vaping can become out of control quickly as you explore new flavors and devices!
The Kanger Evod Starter Kit
I have received so many inquiries about vaping as a smoking alternative so I thought I would spend a little time giving you a quick primer on what I recommend to Folks considering switching from cigarettes to vaping.

For starting out I like to keep it simple, here is the most successful Starter kit ever made, and it comes in Brushed Silver as well as Pink if you are less "Pink" inclined..LOL

It's the Kanger Evod Starter Kit and here's what I like about it:

First of all, you get TWO vaping devices right out of the box, just fill up the tanks and start vaping.

The idea of two devices is brilliant because one can be charging while the other is being used, so you have no excuse to backslide because your battery ran out!

The second device comes in handy too if your Spouse, (DH), or Significant Other is a smoker also, all you have to do to get them vaping is hand them one of yours. This is how I got the DH, (Dear Husband), to give up his 4 pack a day habit.

Bigger Tanks and Battery, The SID
The Second reason I recommend these are they are ROCK SOLID build wise and will last you years with little maintenance. They use a small, easily replaced atomizer, (they make the vapor happen), that are inexpensive and available almost anywhere vape supplies are sold. You just screw it out of the tank base and replace about once per month, depending on usage.

The tank is easily filled, you just remove it from the battery take off the bottom, fill and replace. No needle bottles or strange leaky filler holes.

Thirdly, and most importantly if you do succeed in becoming a vaper... They are compatible with all other devices! That means when you are ready for a new fancy glass tank that catches your eye, it will screw right on to your battery!

The same goes for the tank, if you decide to buy a bigger, fancier battery, such as the SMOK SID, your Evod tank will screw right on and you can enjoy it even more!

I hope I've answered some basic questions I've been receiving from my loyal readers, and I do apologise for not being around much blogging, I've had my health issues, as well as Doyle, so we have been busy dealing with these things instead of posting about our lives. I'm sure you are all facing the same challenges and understand.

The good news is we have left smoking behind and are celebrating two years without smoking, both of us have COPD but are now able to exercise more because we can breath! You should see me whipping the pool into a frothy waves during water aerobics! LOL

Here is a Video Talking about the Evod Starter Kit starring Your's Truly! LOL

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