Coon In a Can at Galesburg Illinois Heritage Days

 Doyle and I were just settling in for the night in preparation for setting up our kitchen for Galesburg Heritage days when from outside we heard so much banging and clatter, we flew from our beds to see what was the matter!
Turns out we had company in the form of a very peeved juvenile Raccoon who could not quite get out of the garbage can he had found himself in.
 Doyle carefully set the youngster loose and he quickly took to the trees to get away from his benefactors..(Some gratitude!)
The next night he did the same thing, got himself stuck in a can, but this time he scratched patiently, knowing his rescuers would come to his aid.
The next night topped all when he came to the door and scratched at the door to get in! He must have observed our cat being let in and just thought he'd like to come right in and visit too.

Of course, we shooed him away, but he hung around our trailer all weekend getting trapped in cans and knowing we would let him loose.

I wonder what he's going to do now that we are gone?

Doyle Sees Stars! Thanks to Garrett and Cindy!

Doyle sets his peepers on the moon for some early observation
A good friend of ours who has helped us out in our moments of need on the road setting up for Events had a surprise for us earlier this month when he presented us with a telescope he rebuilt from a Maritime spotting scope for us.

We are thrilled since we spend the greater majority of our time in isolated, dark areas perfect for star gazing.

Doyle set up the scope tonight and we studied the moon, it's so awesome to see it up close and in focus with the aid of a good telescope, live!

We thank Garrett and his lovely wife Cindy for this great gift, we will get a great deal of use out of it especially when we head south for the winter and are at Dade City, Florida during the Star Parties they hold at the Withlacoochie River Park we stay at for a month or so.

Garrett also gave Doyle some great software tips for stargazers and some great websites. Doyle has already logged his first star, Arcturus, it was right where Garrett said it would be. Trees blocked our view of Saturn though, will have to take a ride up the hill to spot that one!

One of the great things about travel is the wonderful people you meet as you move from place to place. Garrett and Cindy are just the kind of people this world needs more of, Cindy has made and donated a heritage quilt to the next Event we are attending and she's built and uses and unusual Norwegian loom that is different from anything I have ever seen or used.

They are both tops in our book and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts both for the help they have given us when we needed it most and for the gifting of themselves and thier time to us and others. Thanks again for the great Telescope Kids!!

We haven't see any aliens yet, but we are still looking, will have to get back to you on that one at a later time.
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