How We Earn Our Daily Bread...

Doyle and I Cookin' In The Kitchen
Good Friends Pat and Dana's Camp, she makes my corsets
Our Kitchen Right on the River
Connie listens to a wandering musician!

Frontier Family

Sure, wait to take a picture when the plastics out!

Riverine Traders Mike and Susan, very good friends and excellent camp!

Mike amoungst the Furs...Beautiful Camp!

Great Camp!

Booshway's, (The Man in Charge), Quarters

And if you go away Hungry, it's Your Own Darn Fault!
Western Omelets and All-You_Can-Eat Blueberry Buckwheats

I thought you might like to see how we earn a living cooking for Historic Events.

This week we are at Lost falls Campground, a very nice RV Resort on the Black River, near Black Rivers Falls Wisconsin. Ed and Rose host a "Rendezvous" every Spring, to reenact the Fur Trade Area.

We take over the primitive camping area on the river, and park our Fifth Wheel on the hill in the resort section.

This is one of the nicest Events we do all year. We get to dress up, teach and cook all day and go back to TV, air conditioning and full hook ups at night.It's the best of both worlds.

Now lest you think it's all grins and giggles and think this is a grand way to make a living, think again.

Both Doyle and I have extensive back rounds in historical research. We teach about life in the early 1800's. So right off the bat, you have to know quite a bit about you can answer questions from the public, such as, "Is that real fire?" "Do you dress this way all the time?" "Did people really eat this stuff?" (All of which can be answered yes, in case you're wondering).

We also have a huge and complicated set up, our tent is 40'X40' and is filled with heavy cooking equipment that has to be all taken apart and lugged to the 14' garage of the Toy Hauler Garage every event.

We have to meet And exceed health and sanitation codes of all 50 states, so we spend an incredible amount of time cleaning and re cleaning everything. All without running water.

We have no electricity to help us out, and often we have to transport water to the site ourselves, to make sure we have a sanitary source. Often 400 gallons or more, (we spend a lot of time filling water cans in the moonlight...ah, romance!).

We get up at 4:30 am and are often in bed by 8:30 pm during events, often missing all the fun stuff that happens at night, such as sing alongs and bonfires.

Then there is the weather. We have been snowed on, rained on and tornadoed out over the years, as well as flooded, hailed and burned up too. It's the nature of the business and some times we just can't get a break.

Then we clean it all up, pack it up and move on to the next event.

But, if the weather's good and people come out to see us, we have a good time, and usually make enough to get to our next event.

You really have to like the lifestyle and have a sense of humor about it all.

It gives us a chance to travel, and to meat some really interesting people who live and breath history, if that's your sort of thing.

We often have to boondock, but we get to camp and set up in some of the loveliest historic parks in the country that the average guy would never be allowed to camp in, no matter how nice his rig or how much we was willing to pay to stay there.

When we have time, I get to continue my research on clothing through the ages and make some fantastic clothes, when Doyle gets some free time he is a metal smith and a Black Powder Rifle World Champion, as well as a Champion Tomahawk thrower.

We don't get much time to play these days, as the kitchen has become more and more popular over the years and we can't get away to do anything else.
Luckily, all our friends come in to eat with us, so at least we get to visit between Fry Breads and Root Beers.

We think it's special, and we don't mind hard work, so it is the life for us!

If you check our calendar or go to our kitchen page, you can see where we are next and come to see us, but watch out, we may put you to work!

If Life is a Bed of Roses, Why am I caught on the Thorns??

Today's View Out The Window of Our Road Warrior
We have worked on the road for six years now, first in a tent, then a gooseneck trailer and now a Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler, but we always had the house as an anchor.

The home we left behind
When we sold our home last year and hit the road in our new Fifth Wheel we were all hyped up about being free of all ties and such. Getting ready to cast off our moorings was breathtaking and thrilling. My every waking hour was spent plotting and planning our new future. Auctions, house sales, storage facilities, RV park leases, packing, organizing, re organizing, re packing were my daily chores that filled my every waking hour.

All during this hubbub I had this notion of us set up at some wonderful destination where the sun always shines, me playing my guitar or flutes, the husband working on his little projects and fishing.

How we lived 2005
Then, as we settled into our new unfettered lives on the road in our Dream Home, we found out that we brought something along with us. Us. Us with all our problems and foibles. Us with all our worries and unfulfilled dreams. Us with a busy work schedule that involved many traveled miles and hard physical labor setting up and tearing down a huge canvas kitchen on a weekly basis.

It was foolish to think that we would just sail into the sunset and everything would be fresh and new everyday, but none the less, it was been a bit of a let down to find out an RV Park is just another place to park, that a road is sometimes just another road.

A life well lived sometimes has it's lulls and dissapointments. Things break in the Fifth Wheel, traffic is horrendous and diesel fuel prices climb. Sometimes we get homesick. Sometimes we get sick. The blues are bound to find you, no matter where you go or how ideal your life is. Nothing is as perfect as we think it will be.

Couldn't Toss an Extra Hanky in There....

It's not that we have regrets. Given the chance we wouldn't change a thing, not even our bouts with major illness, as it taught us what was important in life. I think that maybe it has to do with our being driven, almost to madness, to achieve our goal of freedom, only to find out that now that we have it, life is pretty much the same, only now we are living in a nicer home.

I think I miss all the stress of planning and scheming to pull it all off. I have always been a "Type A Junkie", I love to take on challenges and work it all out. Now I am supposed to decompress and just enjoy, something I have never had to deal with before. Imagine, missing stress! What a Head Case!

Our Humble Tent Home behind us...
At least I have begun to figure it out and put in to acion a new plan to fulfill my "Compulsive Organizing" needs...I have embarked on getting back to my original interest in recreating Pre Contact Aboriginal Clothing and have even set up a time, everyday, to practice my instruments. I'm sure I will find a way to be anal about it all and get my "Fix".

When we switched from Tent to the Gooseneck
The truly important thing is that we are trying something different, together. We have succeeded in breaking the cycle of a life less lived and are moving toward a future where we can learn to be a bit less obsessive and a lot more relaxed.

I have come to except that there will be ordinary days, not everyday can be at the Ocean Side with the surf pounding in our ears.

Some days, will be slow, or we will be tired and bored. Some days we will be parked in less than desirable circumstances with less than desirable neighbors. Some days will be spent wondering wear the heck we are when we first wake up.
Interior of Our First Tin Tee Pee

But we will be together, for better or worse and will work through it. We will remind ourselves to take a walk and enjoy the nature around us, and not just do what we do and not notice it's Spring and the world is waking up.

There, you see, just getting it off my chest has made me feel better. I think I will go for a walk...

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Incredible Fifth Wheel Gooseneck Set Up

If I Hadn't Seen the Following Pics, I Would've Sworn This Was Photoshopped!
I Looks Like All Of Two Bolts Holding Hitch On Tail Gate

Here's What Holds It All Together, Hand Carved Hitch Assist!


Thought you might like to know what we are up to this weekend, would sure like to see some of our fellow RV Folks drop by!

May 13 - May 15
Time: Saturday, 9 am to 5 pm; Sunday, 10 am to 3 pm
Plans are underway for the The Horicon Historical Society 3rd Annual Horicon Living History Days. Buckskinner's Encampment
Native American Artifacts
Three Historical Buildings
Visit the Satterlee Clark House Museum
322 Winter St, Horicon.

Horicon Living History Days Facebook Page

Horicons Event Page on Face Book Also 

Friday, May 13 School Kids Day

Saturday, 9 am to 5 pm; Sunday, 10 am to 3 pm

Discher Park and Satterlee Clark House Museum and Grounds
800 N. Finch St. and 322 Winter St.
Horicon, WI

This will be our first time at Discher Park. The park is only 1 block from the Satterlee Clark house museum and is a nice lay-out. Lots of space with several historic buildings and a stones throw from the Horicon Marsh.

A Little Backround Info on Horicon

Horicon is the largest freshwater cattail marsh in the United States, covering over 32,000 acres. It's a critical rest stop for thousands of migrating ducks and Canada geese, recognized as a Wetland of International Importance. It is also a gem among the points of interest that lie on Wisconsin's Ice Age Trail
Horicon is the source of the Rock River, where three small branches conjoin to form the river that empties into the Mississippi only a mile or two from my Iowa home. We followed the route of the river on our journey to Horicon, tracing it from end to beginning.

May 13 - October 23
Time: 1:00PM - 4:00PM
The Satterlee Clark House Historical Museum, 322 Winter St, Horicon, will be open again in 2011. Check back then for specific dates and times. The Horicon Historical Museum is composed of three buildings, including a one-room schoolhouse. It offers a wide variety of exhibits, such as early farm equipment, an arrowhead collection and photographs of Horicon's past. The museum also has a microfilm collection of county census records and local newspapers for those who are interested in doing research. There is also an in-house flea market for bargain hunters. There is no admission charge.

May 5 - October 27
Time: 7 am to noon
Fresh Vegetables! Fresh Fruit!! Fresh Flowers!!! Fresh Salsa...oh the list could go on and on what you can pick up at Horicon Farmers Market held in the parking lot of Bethesda Thrift Shop. Stop by any Thursday from May through October. 


RV Slide Rebuild The Big Reveal! Then to Now!

Original Interior Delivery Day September 2010

Chairs added and table turned November 2010

Corner Desks added table turned, Ottomans added April 2011

Doyle was cramped in the corner, no workspace, I had only enough room to open up my laptop and work, had to pack it all up to serve dinner.

All my external drives were in a shelf unit under the dining room table.
Drives under desk
Now I have my own dedicated area for web page work, Blog writing and goofing off on the net. Note the Kitten has installed herself on the back of my desk, she misses the back of her couch that was her former perch.

My drives are safely tucked under the desk, still leaving me plenty of storage in the cupboard to the right, (where all the cords and such are now organized, with a wire wrack above them for adding other items).

Doyle's work area getting ready to put keyboard drawer in
Doyle has his own dedicated workspace for business planning, no longer stuck in the corner and plenty of room for organization, a new concept for him, but he's catching on!
Doyle put his Keyboard drawer on, I left mine off for now

Is That my Singer Featherweight out of Storage? IT IS! BC Kitty still looking for couch....
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