RV Centennial Cookbook and Online RV Cooking Show

First-Time Author Celebrates Success of The RV Centennial Cookbook

Guest Post-Audrey  Contributor

What a miraculous idea. Travel across the country in a vehicle reminiscent of a home?  The American people have been doing just that since 1910 in recreation vehicles of all different sizes. The year 2010 marked a century of RVing, and the occasion didn’t go unnoticed. The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) dubbed the year the “RV Centennial Celebration,” meant to commemorate the joy people get from RVing.

One of those people is now first-time author, Evada Cooper, who recently completed The RV Centennial Cookbook: Celebrating 100 Years of RVing. Cooper, who runs an online school called MobileRVacademy.com with her husband, Terry, is a life-long RV enthusiast. Naturally, the centennial celebration was something she couldn’t let pass.
“It was late 2009,” Cooper said. “Knowing the RV Centennial was coming, I wanted to do something different to honor this event.”

It was difficult to come up with an idea that hadn’t been done before with more than 100 years of RVing, until a spark ignited a fire one night as Cooper was watching TV.
“I had watched a show about this woman reporter spending time with a large fire department wanting to write a feature story on the lives of those concerned,” Cooper said. 

“She decided to do a cookbook because of all the unique and wonderful recipes that were cooked, as these people were well taken care of in the culinary division.”
Cooper then developed the idea to commemorate the RV Centennial celebration by compiling a cookbook with 100 recipes. Not just any recipes, but ones submitted by fellow RV lovers from across the country. After a little research and finding out her idea was something unique, Cooper met with Publisher Mark Long of TSTC Publishing, and the two decided to turn Cooper’s idea into a reality.

Cooper said it took 45 days to compile the recipes. Invitations went out to RV clubs and organizations as well as through press releases inviting anyone with a fun, and easy-to-assemble recipe to submit it for possible use. She also invited contributors to submit a short bio or story about their RV life.

The RV lifestyle is simple and laid-back. Food is an important ingredient to an RV household, yet still less important than family time and the great outdoors. Cooper wanted to make sure her cookbook offered recipes that were delicious, provided large servings, and didn’t take long to prepare....See the rest of the Article here....

RV Cookbook Author Launches Online Cooking Show
Evada Cooper, author of the soon-to-be-released RV Centennial Cookbook: Celebrating 100 Years of RVing, will be featured in the launch of her new Internet program ”RV Kitchen with Evada Cooper.”
The program will air on RVNN.TV, which is Internet TV for the world of recreational vehicles. Cooper is also the co-owner of Mobile RV Academy.
Last Friday was the first episode of Cooper’s program featuring ideas on how to make the RV kitchen work better for RVers

Angels in The Sun

Stunningly Cool!
My Husband is just getting familiar with the Internet, his interests are more for the organic and scientific than mine, he follows the weather sites so much so that his friends call or come by to ask him what the "real" weather will be when we are set up at an Event. 

Do you see a face in profile here?
For those who don't know it, Historic Events do not allow any modern devices, with the exception of people like Doyle, who run a business that everyone frequents and therefore are considered a hub of information, albeit we have to keep it on the "down low", Doyle will use his phone in the back room or under the table.

The reason we are given a little leeway is that if a storm is coming and there are a hundred or so canvas tents set up in a field, a little accurate weather warning is so very helpful!

Any who, he found this wonderful site run by NASA about observing the sun, at any time you can go there and see amazing real time video of what the sun is up to. (I must point out that this site can be addicting in a big way, therefore, you have been warned).

It does look like an angel...
You can fiddle with this site all day, adding various filters and zooming in to get a close up look at some of the activities happening on the surface.

Lately, the sun has been going through some tremendous activity. Doyle has been pretty much caught up in it all. It has given me a chance to teach him how to take screen shots of his favorite images, (on a Mac Com>Shift>4), and save them for his later enjoyment.
Sun Phoenix

 He has found some really unusual images in the sun, faces, angels and other odd analomies that are worth taking a look at, so I had him ship them over to me on my laptop using Drop Box and I am posting the best of his saved images.

It's eerie how spirit-like this images appear, and maybe it's just our imagination working overtime, but it takes ones breath away for how beautiful this images are, whether you think it's real or not.

The varying colors shown here are obtained by applying filters to see different spectrum's of light. This is why the sun appears green or blue, instead of the traditional red and yellow we are normally used to seeing.

I recommend this site for anyone who really wants to see something that will awe and inspire you about that strange yellow orb that rules our life.

Hint: look for the big nose in the center
Powerful Eruption
When I met Doyle, he was pretty much "No Tech" and now he can pretty much run his own laptop and get where he needs to be on the net.

I, on the other hand, am "All Tech", so we balance each other out nicely, he teaches me to take walks in the woods, (and how to shut off my laptop), I teach him how to access the Internet and get what he needs to out of it. With great results.

Now he's showing me new sites and I've never thought of looking at. My idea of a good site is a forum, or blog with information I can learn from,
(Yes, I am a technical manual reader, for fun).

Doyle finds nature, even if he is on something as artificial and contrived as the internet.

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Memories of Riding Trains

Doyle and I were recently stopped at a rail road crossing and were pleased to see an old time Amtrak train blow by with passenger cars. There were cars of every type, sleepers, etc...in the early morning darkness glowing windows passed with flashing scenes of passengers seated at tables eating and working the early morning dawn away as the train hurtled through the darkness. As sleeper cars passed, people could be seen stirring about as they awoke to the morning sun now rising of to the East. This brought on a strong feeling of nostalgia for the days I used to ride the rails in my place of fostering.

I can remember in particular a class trip we took from Silver Bay, on the North Shore of Lake Superior, to the Capital of Minnesota, St. Paul. We were thoroughly star struck, many of us had never been further South than Duluth and most had never been out of sight of the "Big Sea Waters" of Lake Superior. 

We rode the Greyhound bus from our small mining town to Duluth and then boarded the "Burlington Northern" for the ride to the Twin Cities. The passenger cars were similar to a bus, having vinyl covered green seats and deep thick green tinted windows. The uphostery was much more plush and some seats were like recliners with pull down serving rays, similiar to airplane seating today. I appropriated one of these for myself and fiddled with all the little adjustments until I was comfortable.

We settled in and and as the train began to move most of my friends got sick from the motion. It wasn't a problem for me, I had grown up on large fishing boats on the Lake, so the pitching, rocking motion was a comfort to me. The rythmic rocking and deep clacketty clacking of the rails as the train moved along was a truly wonderful and hypnotic.

The line from Duluth to the Cities was one of the most scenic in the country at the time, it had more trestles per mile than most rail lines over great and deep cravasses and canyons as it wound through the Cloquet River Valley.

The trestles were large wooden ancient structures that visibly rocked from side to side as we crossed, giving a scarier impression than just the feeling that we were hurtling across the chasm with no visible means of support. You could not see the tracks beneath without pressing your face against the glass and straining to look down. There was no covering, or structure, over the bridge itself so it seemed as if we were flying across space. Only the sudden jolt of the train pressing against the outside of a curve in the tracks as it hurtled along across the trestle reminded you there was solid structure below keeping us from flying off into the birch and pine populated chasm below.

My friends were terrified, I was thrilled. By the third such trestle, I peered ahead, down the tracks and was screaming out that the tracks ahead were missing, which caused a great commotion to those about me, and pleased me much.

Our teachers had repaired to the smoking car as soon as we had embarked so we were a loosely controlled bunch headed by a classroom "Monitor",(Monitors been the lowest form of life known to us at that time, "squealers" the whole lot of them).

I was duly chastened by the Monitors, and one such "rat" even went back to report to the teachers what had happened. They chose to ignore it, for the time being, their enjoyment of being away from us was too much for them to overcome. They smoked and sipped flasks luxuriantly while chaos reigned up front.

We explored the train from end to end, wandering through the sleeping cars and lounging in the smoking car once the teachers had relinquished and took their seats to nap. It was thrilling to step between cars in the open platforms and feel the wind roaring around you as if to suck you off the train itself and hurl you into the woods rushing by.

I don't remember much of the rest of the trip the Capitol building and Natural History Museum was interesting,  but it didn't hold a candle to our journey by rail that brought us there and returned us home.

The train we rode on was a relic of the past, and would soon be disabled, along with the wonderful stretch of track that wound through the Cloquet River Valley, it's trestles being costly to maintain.

In my teen years we would revisit those trestles and walk as far as we dared over the open ravines on now shaky foundations. It was a shame to see them go, in my heart it is a special place I will never forget.

Maybe that's why I love to travel so much today, for me, it's so much more about the journey than the destination!

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Best of Custom "So Ugly It's Cool" Campers ll

Got to be a fireplace somewhere in this one! I want the log cabin room!
OK, you asked for it, more from my "So Ugly it's Cool" Files!
Ingenious Mod...Sunroof edition

Practical and Classic Too!

Spent more time on it than they should've! Sad it's now parked..

There sheer Genius of it! The Understated class of it all!
The work that someone put into these campers just boggles the mind, I salute their pioneer spirit and ability to cut, weld, bondo and paint their own version of camping heaven!

Mac & Cheese Gluten Free!

I'm not going to insult the intelligence of most of you On The Road Gals, most of you are great cooks who would never stoop to a boxed dinner. I, on the other hand, would. My husband adores them and I consider it high sin food myself. 

I think if you are being totally honest with yourself, you probably can get out your step stool, crawl to the back of your cupboard and pull one out, now can't you my Dear?...

Today's Dinner is Cheeseburger Mac
straight from the box, with a twist.

Gluten Free!
First of all, I have to admit it's a Gluten Free Pasta Dinner from Mrs Leeper's Cheeseburger Mac, but this little fix-up will work with any boxed dinner.

I am now officially Gluten Free, but can't give up my occasional deadly craving for pasta. This product you can't tell from wheat based pasta! It's like having junk food that's good for you!

Bell Peppers, Broccoli, Valveeta
My husband loves these pasta dinners, he can't tell the difference from regular! (He is not gluten intolerant). This is a way to give him the pasta he loves and I can share it with him.

Second, why on earth would I need to give instructions on making a boxed dinner, aren't the instructions on the box? Well, they are, and they aren't. If you've been too busy nibbling on finger sandwiches with the crusts cut off and tofu by the handful, you've probably forgotten about how this stuff can burn, and I do mean burn, to the point of being inedible.

There is a science to cooking boxed dinners and it's not written on the box. Really.

I never cook a boxed dinner without Doctoring it up a bit, so today I grabbed a sunny Florida red bell pepper and a small bunch of left over fresh broccoli from our dinner the other night. I generally just add whatever I have on hand, onion, cauliflower, black olives or any other ingredient that you might like the combined taste of will do. I chopped it all up while browning the burger.

Now that's GOOD comfort food!
I then added the milk and water, turning down the heat to low, not boil, as the directions state. As soon as the fluids become the least bit bubbly I dump in the noodles and place on the lowest heat possible, stirring every two minutes for 7 minutes. Then stir in chopped vegies, throw extra cheese on top if you have it, slam on the cover, shut off the heat and walk away for another 7 minutes.

Open cover, stir in the extra cheese, (that has melted by now), and serve. the vegies will be cooked crisp tender and retain their flavor, the extra cheese gives it the proper amount of gooeyness required in a true comfort food.

Below are Mrs Leeper's Dinner products, offered by the case for better value, and gluten free products are hard to find on store shelves. I buy a case and share with other Gluten Free Friends!

RV Product Reviews, Ads, Selling Out?

RV Money Queen
I remember well the days when Doyle and I first went on the road together, we set up and lived in a white canvas tent that was 12X12. We set it up behind our kitchen Under Canvas during Events, but in between Events we set it up at campgrounds and lived in it for months at a time.

I was born an expert at tent life, I spent years in one when my Dad would haul us all up to Grand Portage, MN or Isle Royale, MI For the Summer. It was one of those terrible kerosene smelling types from Army Surplus. I was secretly happy when a water spout took it away in a terrible storm. The last I saw it was just a smelly speck in the sky, headed for Canada.

My affection for tent life did not grow through the years, I usually set up a tent for the kids and slept in a hammock strung from tree to tree when we did camp, rain or shine.
So when the opportunity came up to purchase a Fifth Wheel Trailer, I was first in line at the dealership on opening morning of a clearance to see how we could improve our life. I have never looked back.

When we rolled our new shiny home into the campground we had been tenting out in, the doors flew open on the other rigs in the park and women swarmed to our new home with housewarming gifts and advice.

They took me aside and showed me their RV's and gave me priceless tips on storage and products the Full Timer just can't live without. It was like some sort of Secret Sisterhood we all shared, the "Sisterhood of the Useless Arm Flailing While Our Husbands Back Up The Rig". Just Kidding, Boys...

They taught me about RV forums, which ones to follow, and which ones to avoid. For a woman, many forums are male information based and there is very little input from the fairer sex. I follow those forums to this day that have information for and by fellow "Sisters of the Road" and thankfully, there are more forums learning that women are a force to be reckoned with and accommodated.

(Not that I'm bashing men at all, if not for my DH, I wouldn't be on the road at all. He takes care of all the "man" stuff, which I am quite capable of doing, but it works out nicely for us if we each concentrate on our areas of expertise. I am a better cook and housekeeper, he is a better mechanic, we share some duties and trade off tasks sometimes so that if one of us is down, the other can take things up.)

It occurred to me one day that there was no place where ALL the information I had gathered over the years was collated into one easy to access data base for all my fellow "housekeepers", (and I use that term loosely, some men are the domestic type also).

I could not start a web page about Full Time Life for New Full Timers, without reviewing and recommending products that I consider must-haves. This led to my beginning to post articles about products and services and building links to the sources for these items. 

It's all about being thorough and to the point, I used to maintain a large Midwestern newspaper website, and accuracy with links provided was a must to get your information across effectively and provide immediate solutions to problems through additional resources (ie links).

This brought me into the gray area of being a sales driven website. It also put me somewhat at odds with forums that do not allow items to be hawked outright on their sites. I understand their reasons behind this, just imagine a forum completely filled with threads  for products from who knows whom.

All one has to do is visit some lesser grade forums to see the chaos that ensues from unrestricted advertising. It violates the spirit of sharing information for its own sake, and buries useful information in rubbish. I did not want to go that path, but I did want to say, "Here's what I use and here's where you can get it".

So I opted for a compromise where I placed hand picked ads on my site of products I own and use and began to write articles on why I felt the way I did about them. What I get from it is a small, (read minuscule), percentage of the sale, if someone clicks on my link and actually buys. This "credit" I use to defray the cost of buying my own goods through the company I advertise through. It's not much, believe me, but every bit helps.

The response has been tremendous. I have had more emails and comments placed on my site since I have done this than at any time before. I get thank yous everyday from women on the road, like myself, who need products but don't know which one to get or where to get them.

They are just as grateful to me as I was when I first got my RV and all those wonderful, helpful women muscled their way into my new home and showed me what to do to save space, save weight, and save money. I have attempted to collate that material and presented it here in a easy to access form.

I will continue to add items as I find them adding to the quality of our life on the road and invite others to comment and make their own suggestions.  I don't know it all yet!

With just a few simple items and ideas, a life on the road can be better lived. It doesn't have to be a lesser existence if one can find what one needs to make it "special".

That's what I hope to offer here. I don't think of it as selling out, no one is forced to click on my thread, or click on my ads. But I do think I provide worth while food for thought and an easy way to get an item if it fits your needs.

Keep the comments and advice coming Gals, I learn something new everyday and love interacting with you all! Happy Trails!

Dead Jon Wants to "Friend" Me

I was startled today to find that Facebook was suggesting I add a new friend. Not a bad idea, I am always looking for new friends to share my adventures with, but this one set me back.

This Person is Dead. Has been dead for some time.

You can't imagine all the creepy sensations this recommendation had on me, but then a calmer more nostalgic mood came over me as I gazed at this familiar face.

We knew Jon, a Fellow Living Historian who went to many of the same Events we attended.

I even wrote a eulogy about his passing here.

This irascible curmudgeon was a Legend and a true friend, even if he wouldn't admit it publicly, it just wasn't his way. Wherever he is now he's probably grumbling about this post, as we speak. 

I like to think of him dwelling in the land of "Eternal Rendezvous", sitting at his table and reading his book, watching me out of the corner of his eye across the way.

Jon Eldeen

Obviously someone has chosen to keep his Spirit alive by continueing his Facebook account. Maybe Jon himself is behind it, I wouldn't put it past him.

So, the next time Facebook suggest I add Jon, I wont. I like to see his face pop up once in a while to remind me who he was and how much we miss him.

Jon's Kitchen Under Canvas

iPod Classic for RVfolk

Why not the iPod touch with all its bells and whistles?

 160 GB is why!

If you are a crusty old Hippy, (like I am), you have thousands of songs you have redigitized onto you computer from your vast CD collection, (Yes, I still have my vinyl safely tucked away)....

You also, (I hope), have digitally converting you DVD's onto your computer too...(see article here about how I did this)

Then there are those videos you've made of your "Great RV Journey" in the bush and of those videos of your precious Grandchildren you hardly ever get to see now that you are on the road.

This adds up to some HUGE files, waaay too big for the iPod touch!

Product Features

  • 160 GB capacity for 40,000 songs, 25,000 photos, or 200 hours of video
  • Up to 36 hours of music playback or 6 hours of video playback when fully charged
  • 2.5-inch color LCD with LED backlight and 320 x 240 pixel resolution
  • Supports AAC, Protected AAC, MP3, MP3 VBR, Audible, Apple Lossless, AIFF, and WAV audio formats

The iPod Touch is an 8/16GB iPod with the huge screen and multi-touch technology, but.....it's storage size is far too small for the buck.

You can store your ALL digital files on the iPod Classic and bore everyone in shouting distance of your amazing collection of travel tripe without running out of storage space to do so!!

By The way...

The "touch" is actually a disabled iphone, so the answer is easy if you just have to have one, BUY THE iPHONE, cruise the net and make some calls too at the same time.

Some extra notes:

Some of us old folks don't like earbuds...so buy some comfortable headphones and take your music to an even better sounding level...

Some complain of the iPod Classics small screen compared to the iPod Touch, it doesn't bother me, anything under a 54" diagonal TV screen is small to me, if I want to watch TV, I'll do so...The iPod Classic is for "portable" files for listening to while you wait for you Doctor, do your laundry, or while attend events with spouses that truly don't interest you, (my husband likes car auctions, amazing how wonderful they are if you walk around with a headset on watching and listening to "Oklahoma!").

Here's some quick links to these products from Amazon, iPod, Sony Headphones(the best for us old folk) and a dock w/remote control you can hook your iPod to your stereo and listen to BIG sound! A simple FM transmitter is what I use to transfer iPod sound to my truck stereo, no wiring our expensive adapters, (it also charges your iPod)! All of these products I own and heartily endorse!

TripWOW Slideshow Builder Review

Today I was looking around on other Blogs and saw a pretty good free internet slide show builder. I have imovie 11 and Screenflow  2.0 on my MacBook Pro, so I don't really need something like this, but the site hooked me and I gave it a whirl.

It was very easy to use but it required access to my photo site (Picassa) and It demanded I post to my facebook. It at first wanted me to send to every friend I had, but I skipped that process and just let it make a post to my page.

This seems to be the price you pay for getting this service for free, also a banner runs across the bottom, partially covering your pics while it plays (On Facebook).

Easy to use interface nice presentation intro's

It does host the movie so you don't have to upload to YouTube or Vimeo and it allows you to link/embed to any popular site.

It has a static badge maker too so you can place it in your sidebar.

It also seems to play very well, even over a slow connection, which is a plus for viewers.

you have no real control over size of video when posted, (three static sizes), unless you know HTML. 

Music choices are pretty lame, don't let it pick your music, name your cities then change the music to what you like. You can upload non copy write music off your computer.

Accesses your public album(s) and accesses your Facebook, could potentially be a problem, but they seem like a site you can trust, (we'll see!)

All in all, I found the program fun and easy to use, but if you have a slideshow program on your machine you are better off using it than this internet freeware. If you don't have slide show software or a hosting site, this will make a nice presentation of your photos.

Best of Custom "So Ugly it's Cool" Campers

Some days you eat the camper, some days the camper eats you

Solar Panel Installation Gone Extreme

This is the one camper you don't knock on the door of and ask for a tour 
Pride of Ownership Shows...

Defying Gravity Everywhere

This comes under the heading of Boondocking To the Tenth Power....Solar Power that is...

Got to be Texas...just has to be Texas

Why? That's all I can say....

I have nightmares about being behind this one on the interstate

So, you have a VW bus, a school bus and a slide in the yard, this is what you do with it!
The great paint job pulls it all together
I used to have a school bus camper I converted myself, I now realize I have no imagination at all.

This one gets my "Extreme Build for No Apparent Reason" award.

Bird? Plane? Road Rocket?

And the "What the Heck Is This Award?"

BC Needs Another Bath and Medication for Fleas, My Fault Entirely...

If looks could kill....
Today is just one of those days I would rather not have, frustration seems to be around every corner.

BC has had three kinds of flea medications in the last two weeks and this morning when I brushed her she had new scabs. I investigated and found fleas again.

From what I have researched this is not unusual in a rescue cat situation, but I had an extreme case of the guilts because I had thought I had it under control and obviously it had gotten out of hand once again.

I brush her every day and watch for scratching behavior, but I missed the clues and she showed signs of having been infested for a few days.

I could just kick myself for not seeing this quicker.

Three days over the two week limit and she's chewed up!
I had given her a good bath on February 19 and given her the Flea regiment then, as well as on March 14, (this post lists medications used and recommended by her Vet).  

I had been warned by the vet and others that even with all these precautions I would have a few outbreaks at the two week mark, which is today. I treated her, the other pets and our environment with all the vet recommended intervals.

It was just hard to see it flair back up again, even though I had been warned to be ready for it.

I had read many posts on the net about pesticide resistant fleas and complaints that certain products don't work, but in my experience, every time I treat the animals, the fleas die, they just keep coming back if you don't thoroughly treat their environment and the pets at two week intervals until the problem is gone with a Vet recommended combination of products.

Wet, angry and flea free!
This link takes you to the products that work on my blog of March 14, I had just missed the date for reapplying by a few days. This will not happen again.

I was not going to admit defeat and post my miserable failure, it is, after all, very embarrassing to admit you have a problem to the world. but I know there are many people out there trying to do the right thing for their pet, and I'm commiserating that even if you do everything right, you can still fail.

I have rededicated myself to being more vigilant, and placing the blame squarely on my own shoulders instead of blaming the products for failure. Flea medication doesn't work if it isn't used, and if you have a serious infestation, it has to be ruthlessly pursued.

Rescue Baby Cat Starts to Strut Her Stuff and Be A Loveable Pest

Have you any canned cat food?
There is no longer any doubt about who is in charge in this home of ours.

BC, or "Beautiful Cat", the latest version of her name submitted by "Cat Lady".

As some already know, we have a name contest going for BC, (originally named for "Basket Case" since we found her in a laundry basket), and we've gotten many suggestions to this date, some starting with BC, some original.

We try them all on BC and see if she responds but so far the only thing she perks up for is the sound of a cat food can opening, then WATCH OUT!

She dances, she prances, she whirls about and tries to meow, (we dont know if her meow is broken or she just doesn't have one...it's real quiet, short and whispery).

One thing that that isn't broken on this cat is her purr, you can hear it in the next room!

Here she is sleeping on my kitchen table. I have never let a cat lay on my table or counter but, oh! isn't she cute! And we don't eat on our table any way, it's more of a glorified desk.

BC's "territory" is the couch, table and desk chairs. The dog "Katie Rose" gets the floor, the other cat "Slippers the Sneaky Cat" gets the bedroom, the hall stool and the bedroom loft for her domain.

I imagine this will be re adjusted once BC gets her strength up and asserts herself more. She has no problem using the litter box in the bathroom, (no accidents yet)!

Enough with the pictures already!
Everyone gets along as well as can be expected at this time, Katie wants to be friends, and Slippers just ignores her for the most part.

She is gaining weight everyday and her coat is starting to grow back in places.
Her favorite thing to do to us in the morning is give us a "Head Butt" for attention. It's like being hit by a baby rhino!

Clown Pants Valance..

From "Alpinliter" a contributer of RV.net, he sent me this photo and I just had to share possibly the worst interior design ever created for a RV interior. Alpenliter calls this window treatment "Clown Pants"...priceless.....

Our Bedroom TV Wall Mount in an RV

Looks like someone forgot to dust...

 Here is the way we added a TV bracket to our RV bedroom, we couldn't find stud support for the bracket, so we added a 3/4 inch plywood laminate board, (from an old desk), to the wall and screwed it in securely to the top and bottom where we knew there was support.
So far it has held up for more the 3,000 miles.

We then screwed the bracket to the board  and used a strap down to secure the TV to the bracket when folded up.

We found the bracket at Sam's club for about $75.00, we liked this bracket and paid more for it because it not only pulls out but swivels up and down.

Click here to see how we hid the wires on our large Flat screen TV in the Living room!

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