Best Of Custom "So Ugly It's Cool" Campers lll

This Camper makes a statement, it says, "Help Me"

It even has a back porch, ultimate award in class and accessibility
As if you haven't had enough, I keep finding these gems and just have to share them.

It's an unhealthy compunction I cannot resist, and I know you enjoy it as much as I do, there is something in us that ADMIRES the spirit that drove these Folks to do it their own way, sometimes without regard for gravity of sense.

God Bless 'Em and long may they keep building and dreaming their individual right to travel and freedom.
Is This Photoshopped? And if not, Where Can I Get One!

The Aussies enter their own Classic Homemade

This Begs the Question, "Why?"


Kevin and Ruth said...

Those were good for a laugh. The owner of the first one doesn't have to worry about it getting stolen...nobody would want it!

Kevin and Ruth

Anonymous said...

The second photo from the bottom isn't an Aussie camper, its from the netherlands i believe from a company called Tonka.

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