Back Out, River Up, Snakes, Badgers, Thieves and We Just Keeep Rolling Along..

It's been an interesting two weeks since my last post, interesting meaning I was on some mighty powerful pain pills that literally sapped the grey matter out of my head, but medicine is good when you are hurting, so I bore it well and am on the road to recovery, (hopefully).

During this time we cooked for an Event in Danbury Wisconsin, "We" meaning Doyle and our part time help Connie cooked, I just sat around looking glum.

Many a supportive friend came by to cheer me up and wish me well, I sure do enjoy having such good friends!

When we returned back to our lot on the Mississippi in Prairie du Chien, WI a couple of things happened, first, I guess our neighbors didn't think we were coming back, they took all of our fire wood we had stacked under the trailer and left for when we would return.

We don't know Folks well here, and since we are Full Timers, we keep an eye on everyones' rigs who are "Weekenders", now we found out what kind of neighbors we have, I guess we'll just turn a blind eye to the people wandering in and out of our fair little village, I guess it's every man for himself here!

It is so strange to see your neighbor two lots away having a nice little fire with "Our" wood! Granted, we did get the wood for free, gathering it up from the brush piles people dump just down the road, but really, I can't imagine the thought process of people who think, "Good, they're gone, lets go steal everything that isn't nailed down!" Oh well, I guess they have to live with themselves, we aren't campfire people anyway.....

Also, the wildlife decided we were gone for good also, a
Brown Water Snake
(Nerodia taxispilota)
took over Doyle's fishing spot and a Badger held a territorial dispute with Slippers, our Cat.

The outcome with the snake was that Doyle and it have become Buddies, and so it went with the cat and Badger also, I guess we are just the get-along sort of people.

Such is life on the Mississippi River this week, we sure feel grateful to be alive and getting on with life, a little health setback always makes one appreciate the good things in life and the people who care.

We hope you all are doing well also, enjoying the Summer and doing what we Vagabonds do best, wandering the country and living life to its fullest!


Melissa said...

Slippers sure does look great though!

Kitty said...

So happy you're on the mend, Miss Terry! I've missed your wonderful blog posts. Hope we've all kept you entertained while you were down for the count. Sure been praying for you guys. Yes, just turn the other cheek to those thieves...they have to live with themselves and karma is a great equalizer! =)

Billy Bob said...

Boy howdy, would ya look all that grass an' stuff. Sure wist' I were up there somewheres where it weren't so hot. Hav'n to put off Texas trip for another week due to the heat at my destinations.
Good to see that you're get'n back on yer feet. Them meds surely do help when ya get sick.

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