Wisconsin Scenery-Old Forgotten Fort

Since the weather here in Southern Wisconsin today is more condusive to indoor activities, I've been sorting through old pictures and thought I would share some of the secret scenery of this lovely state.
Here is part of an old mystery "Fort" that used to stand on the property we lived on in the Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin area until last year. Rumors abound to it's origin and many locals can remember that it was still standing when they were a child. It was a favorite haunt for kids to hang out. It was crumbling dangerously so it had to be bulldozed in a few decades ago.
All that is left is this strange "Cave Like" structure that has stood the test of time. It was obviously very well built by a skilled craftsman. 
Note the Keystone at the back of the structure, there is no mortar between the stones, but shows evidence of the walls once being plastered.

 Some say it was a Fort built by the first settlers to the area to protect them from the Indians, others say it stood even before that, conjuring images of a lost tribe of Spanish explorers led on the trail for the hunt for the Lost Gold of this continent, finding themselves stranded and in need of fortification.

All that is left of the Fort Walls.

Who Knows? Maybe someone will unlock the key to this ancient structure, until then it waits with its secrets in an old apple orchard in the woods.

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