Cruisin' Thru Alabama

We headed out this morning with strong Westerly winds buffeting us, but it beat the storm we would've got caught in if we had left Friday.

We headed west on I-10 until until we hit 231 to Dothan, Alabama, as soon as you turn North, everything changes, especially the soil, gone is the coral sands of Florida and all around you are fresh plowed fields with red "Georgia" clay. We even saw Corn pushing it's way up, something you don't see in Florida very often.

Even the cows are different, I can't really say how, but they just are. Alabama are mostly black and sleeker, an obvious difference in choice of breeds.

Our course today takes us through the area where more than 60 tornado's were spotted on the ground last night and over a dozen people lost their lives. We don't expect to see much as we are on the main road and don't intend to "Tourist" the wreckage, but our thoughts and prayers are with those today who are dealing with the destruction today.

Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia have all been declared disaster areas in some places, it was a brutal day and night for them.

We are constantly amazed at how well our Road Warrior rides, even with a strong side wind and pretty bad roads, she cruised like a queen and things didn't get all cattywumpus inside like our old Fiver did.

Our old trailer actually crow hopped on this stretch! Was like pulling a wet noodle, or maybe it was made out of rubber, too much flexing going on back there! it also had a flat front, so it really tugged in the wind.

We are new to slides and it doesn't take more than five minutes to put them out and they have been holding up well, I don't get the impression they are wearing or slipping in any way. Rock solid as the day we bought her and we've already put about 3,500 miles on.

The Skyline of Birmingham, Alabama

That's another nice thing, once you get used to it, it doesn't take more than half and hour to set up, Doyle unhooks, blocks up, and plugs in. I put out the slides and arrange the furniture. Usually by the time he's done, so is the coffee, the TV is set up to watch the news and I'm starting up dinner, (we do our own cooking on the road now, saves BIG BUCKS, but I also make sure to get easy to prepare meals).

Our Dealer has already called to schedule her 9 month check up, and since we carry a complete replacement warranty on everything we have no worries. We are very pleased with our new home.

Looks like we made it all the way to Athens, Alabama, just North of Decatur, found a really nice campground at exit #354 called Northgate RV Travel Park.  They don't have a website but I just talked to them on the phone and they sound real nice. They specialize in Big Rig Parking, only 25 lots, but that's more than enough for us!

We've made good progress for the day and we are ready to kick back and relax for the evening.

Will let you know what we think of the place after we get there, I gather it's not the kind of place that has a lot of amenities but we don't need much, just a place to hang our hats for the night.

While driving along, I just got the email I have been waiting for, my new desks and ottoman's are being delivered this week in Wisconsin, I plan on redoing the entire living area of the Fifth wheel when we get home to better reflect our daily activities. I'm going to remove the couch and put in two desks facing each corner and the ottomans match the desk chairs we have already.

I don't know how we will have the time to get it all done, but it will be worth it when it's finished! Even though I measured it all out I have nightmares about it not fitting, but such is my nature. I'm not worrying about something, I'm probably not breathing either!


Rosemary said...

I love reading about your travels!

Doyle and Terri Johnson said...

Thank you so much! It's so encouraging to see that someone is enjoying our travels!

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