RV Under Bed Fabric Storage

Bolts ends out
As part of my Spring rebuild, I had to get a grasp of just what I needed and where I needed it.

I had most of my fabric in storage, or in a large cabinet above the TV. It wasn't working for me. I had to stand on a ladder to access the fabric and most of it was buried out of sight.

Remnants in front Leather in cardboard box
I finally figured out that a lot of space was being wasted under the bed. It had a ledge and narrow space toward the front that wasn't very useful, but after some measuring, I found if I put my bolts of fabric bolt ends out, I could see at a glance what fabric I had.

I  sorted them by type and used the front portion for remnants and to the right, my beloved wool collection. In the box is my leather hides rolled up and boxed to keep them from staining other fabrics.

I left a space open in front that I threw a few blankets in so I could just pull out the blankets and get in to access everything.

I'm livin' in a box!
This opened up the cabinet above the TV for my sewing machine heads and some other storage items way in the back that I don't need access too very often.

 I am really pleased with this organized way of storing fabric, out of the way, but accessible when I need it.

Future plans call for some heavier duty struts to lift the bed so it's even easier to get at things.

My wool on the right

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karylsquilts said...

YOur so cute in the box... and thanks for PROOF that the under bed box is perfect for fabrics !
I have machine and a few colors under there now. Im 'building' yet.

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