RV Slide Rebuild, The Ottoman's And Advice! Part 3

My desk set up with leather storage ottoman on left
After we had the desks together we set to wiring and setting up our desktops, we had plenty of room on the really nice heavy desktop for all our goodies that had been in storage for a long time, like my Bose speakers for my computer.

Plenty of room underneath for the rack I made for my external ESATA and USB backup drives without the drawer, (I chose not to install it at this time), I may cut the rack down and and install the drawer later.

Doyle's desk set up storage ottoman left

Doyle decided he had to have the Drawer so he added it later, will post pics of it soon.

We found the leather ottoman's were an excellent choice, they are plush, sturdy and have storage inside. They also serve as additional seating at the dining table when we have company. The also were purchased from Home Decorators on clearance, I can't find the link for them any longer, they must have sold out from the first time I wrote about them in December. If you really want them call and ask for: 3294010830 NEWMAN SQUARE STORAGE OTTOMAN 15" SQUARE DARK BROWN, maybe they can dig one up for you.

All in all, this was a great project that turned our Road Warrior Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler into a home. We finally have the work and relaxation area we need!

Doyle at work
If you are planning on a similar build, here's some advice.

1) Buy the very best you can afford, it's not like you are furnishing a ten room house. Quality shows and lasts longer.

3) Make sure your finish matches your interior and design

2) Shop around! I looked for several months before settling on these pieces.

Terri Kicked back listening to tunes
3) Measure your space carefully, then measure again. Not only width, but take into account chair and furniture height, (both seat and back), also if your chairs turn or rock, as ours do, they must be able to move freely without having to move to the center of the room. I heartily recommend cutting out cardboard shapes and laying them out on the floor.

4) Keep company in mind. We bought the 18" high leather ottomans as not only foot rests, but now becomes seating for company. They are high enough to be comfortable at the dining table.

5) Dual purpose. The ottomans have storage built in. The desks have ample storage space. The dining table also now is a sewing/craft area for me and a project table for Doyle. The table has a leaf that extends out several inches and the top flips up to reveal storage.

6) Check behind your couch, you never know what they put behind there. We found an electrical box that thankfully we could move, but you never know what they hid behind there that you may not be able to move.

7) Don't be afraid of Change. You can make your RV into the dream home you want with a little planning, reality check and imagination.

8) Take the time, with the furniture out of the way, to deep clean the area, I also spent three days reorganizing and cleaning the entire rig to make the transition easier.

9) Do your remodel on a nice day so you can unbox and work outside if you need more space.

10) Clear the entire area of Knick Knacks and other objects the day before so you have room to spread things out.

PS.....Expect frustration and be ready to deal with it. Make it a fun day and you'll enjoy the results much more!
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I.M. Vayne said...

I.M.enjoyin' yer buildin' somethin' that are what y'all want and will be a usin'. There's too many folks that can't think fer themownselves and just take whatever they got, then don't like it and decides the fulltime life ain't fer them. I.M. hopin' more folks find what yer a writin' as it are good.

jbreech2001 said...

Great job with the desk . But were well the cat laye to look out the window ? With out the couch. LOL

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