RV Slide Rebuild, The Couch Is Gone Part 1!

Desks I ordered
Ok, I've talked about it, and told you all about my plans to rebuild my Living room slide area, the day has finally arrived!

The plan was to remove the couch and to install 2 desks, one in each corner and having the dining table in between us. Then add some nice leather ottoman's and have ourselves a nice workspace with all the comforts of a living room. theater area.

My original plan posting is here, if you need to catch up.

Old layout
I ordered my desks and ottomans and we set about tearing out the couch and getting the area ready for our new "office" living area.

Here is our original layout, it just wasn't working for us, Doyle was cramped in the corner and I had my back to the room and was a bottle neck for getting around the counter. Doyle also could not watch TV if I was sitting in my chair working.

Old office area
I also do a lot of sewing and I had no where to effectively set up my machine and work without disrupting our entire office/dining/sewing table.

Couch be gone!

Here we have torn out the couch and taken it for its last ride.

I took the opportunity to scrub and vacuum the rug, which will eventually be replaced with laminate.
Always something in the way of an easy job!

Of course there are going to be obstacles, after removing the couch we found a power box in the way of snugging up the desk into the corner, Doyle just moved it up the wall a bit.
Lots of room, floors are cleaned, and we're outside unboxing the desks, (WARNING!) unbox outside or you will be vacuuming up Styrofoam fuzz for the next six months! As it was we spent a great deal of time cleaning up bits of the white stuff, by the end of the build it looked like it snowed.

Lots of room, but a bit bare...
Mess of Cords.

Snakes nest of cords left after moving things around, it seems like they have a life of their own and spend every waking moment tangling around each other!

Since this build involves so many pictures, I'm splitting it up into installments,

Stay tuned for part 2 building and installing the desks! 

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