Our Underwater New Lot on the Mississippi

Our New Riverside Lot
 As we were driving along, I thought I'd post some pictures of Our New Riverside Lot taken last Fall during the record floods. It seems the floods are much worse this year!

As you can see, we are very near the water. So near, you can fish out your front door.

Well, at least on this occasion, last Fall we had the worst flooding in history on the Mississippi in our area, my Sister Jackie and I ran down, (past the barriers that say "Road Closed"), to check on our RV lot we are leasing this Summer.
The road leading to Our New Riverside Lot
The Scenery at Our New Riverside Lot

I am standing on the lot we rented, my Sister is a couple lots further down the way. That is a fire pit in the foreground, normally about 60 feet from the banks of the river. Usually the river is beyond those trees in the back round and down a sloping hill.

Our lot was high and dry, the only one that was. The end lots had a foot or more of water on them.

The river crested at more than 14 feet above flood stage, something new for the record books.

We have heard that the seasonal flooding is pretty bad this year, no one has run down to take a picture for us since we will be there in a week to see for ourselves. If our Park is still closed due to the flooding when we get there we have a friend who would love to have us stop by and plug in for a while.

The picture to the right is of an abandoned factory that is on the site of the New RV Park, in fact it's right outside our slide windows view. Plans are for it to be torn down, but I like neat old buildings and would like them to leave it.

This was a boat ramp
 In fact, it's sorta nice getting in on the ground floor of this Park, it's still very primitive, with no amenities, but if you get in on the lease now, you'll be able to hold the lease after things are nicely fixed up. the Owners have another Park on the other edge of town and it's full and thriving, complete with pool and clubhouse so we know what's to come and will have reserved the nicest spot in the park, right on the the river itself!
This is a parking lot
I've thrown in some other pics of the flooding from last fall, hopefully we won't see the likes of it again for some time.

There wasn't much for property damage, even though the river crested higher than it had before since the flood plain had been established in the 80's when so much property was lost and everyone moved from the area prone to flood at that time.

Parking area
Our thoughts and prayers turn to our friends in harms way of the flooding and terrible weather that is crossing the area at this time, we are safe and warm, but we hope everyone else is fairing OK and that this cruddy weather will soon turn into the lovely warm Spring we are used to enjoying this time of year!
A bit of a wade to the dock...

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