One Storm and a Root Canal To Go!

I-10 across Northern Florida, gotta Love it
Command Center for the Navigator
We drove towards our Summer home in Wisconsin from Georgetown FL to Tallahassee FL on Thursday, a long uneventful trip other than my Dentist decided as a parting gift he would give me a last minute root canal on Wednesday.

Being the tough Little Trooper I am, I swallowed some pain pills and some antibiotics and packed up the rig Wednesday morning.

Big Oak Campground Tallahassee
Storm Warnings for Friday
It was a beautiful day, even more so through my drug induced haze, but I slept most of the way curled up in the back seat of the truck so Doyle was on his own because this Navigator was down!

Thankfully he has driven this route many times in the past,so all he really had to do is keep wary of people trying to kill us.

Near miss, Note the large tree limb on the ground
After putting in a half day of driving, we decided to pull over in one of our favorite campgrounds, Big Oak Campground in Talahassee. It almost is a necessary to stay here, we always meet other snowbirds like ourselves heading North in the Spring, and it's always an unique experience every time.

This time we met some great Folks in an Alfa "See Ya!" Motorhome, they had just bought it used in October and were working out the bugs on the trip home. I really like the Alfa line, very unusual interior. We exchanged small token gifts,books and recipes, (which seems to be the way of the road, we are always exchanging something on parting).

After settling in for the evening and cooking Doyle's favorite, "Breakfast for Supper" we turned on the weather channel and beheld some disturbing news.

Forecasts were for some really filthy weather on our route home through Alabama on Friday. When we turned on the TV the next morning,our fears were confirmed. Discretion being the better part of valor, we decided to stay put for a day, even though we are itching to get to our new lot on the Mississippi River that we leased for the year, (more about that later).

We spent the day cruising the net, I was working on my new blog about sewing and crafts, Doyle was playing around with weather sites and keeping up on the news.
It was a quiet, uneventful day for us, but to the North, we were getting reports of Tornado Warnings and Damaging winds.

We went to bed feeling good about our decision and prayers were said for those in perils way.

Neighbor loses his Canopy
During the night the storm hit Talahassee, we left our Fantastic fans on for the night and didn't count on the power going out, so I woke up to rain splashing on my back, (brought me right back to the good old days when we lived in a tent on the road).

After realizing the fans run on DC, a little investigation was in order, turns out the fan closed as it should have, but a small branch had blown between the cover and seals, effectively propping the fan open just enough to let a little of the raging storm through the opening.

Soooo... we waited out the storm, which was almost over by this time, and Doyle climbed up on the roof to clear the debris from the slides and the Fan. We noted our neighbor had lost his canopy, it had been parked for some time and was full of leaves before the storm, so we weren't surprised when it went. We also saw that a large branch had fallen during the storm just a dozen feet behind our trailer, just missing us.

This is why I prefer to set up in an open area with no trees, no matter how hot the sun might get, I don't like climbing on the roof to clean "tree yuck" off slides and roof and I don't like branches crashing through my ceiling. But we had thought when we set up we were only going to be in the space for 12 hours or so, not 24 hours and a storm later.


Donna K said...

Whoa...that looks like SOME storm! Glad the limb missed your rig. Hope the pain is all gone from the root canal by now.

Doyle and Terri Johnson said...

We are too, storms ahead in the next couple days, but we have the sense to call it a day when it gets nasty. My mouth is still a bit sore, but at least I have a nice smile now, painfull, but nice!

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