Nashville to Ewing, Illinois

Crossing Tennessee and Kentucky is always one of my favorite things to do,it's so full of history and beautiful scenery.

Once out of Nashville the countryside becomes more mountainous and small farms dot the landscape, many with the old tobacco barns still standing and well preserved.

I had a heck of a time trying to capture pictures of them from the moving truck, but we were lucky enough to stop at a wayside rest that had one out in a field behind it.

Tennessee River Bridge
Tennessee River
I also took as many pictures as I could of Farms we passed, but trees, power poles and brush kept blocking my view.

In Kentucky, the grass is really blue, (well, deep blue-green anyway), it's the first time I've really seen it as we generally come home through Oklahoma, Kansas way. This is my first time seeing Spring in this part of the world. Crocus and Dogwood are in bloom and the trees are just starting to leaf out. Lovely, just lovely.

It's so odd to see the Seasons backwards, when we left Florida, everything was well greened up, the trees had already bloomed and the grass was being cut for the second time.

As we march North, the Seasons become younger and younger, as if someone is turning back the clock. It is also much cooler, we left Florida at 92 degrees and now the high in Kentucky is expected to be 72 degrees with lows in the 40's. I guess it's time to dig out the sweaters and coats again! The cool feels refreshing, but I'm sure as we get back to Wisconsin, we will feel a little chilled for a month....til the Season catches up with us again.

After a long day of traversing Kentucky  we decided to call it a day at a Campground we discovered last year on the way down. Wittington Woods Campground, Ewing, Illinois.

Last year when we were there it was Fall and the leaves were spectacular, it should be interesting to see it in Spring bloom.

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