Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Murphy Beds, Why not in an RV?

This would work great in a motorcoach!
I found this video on Stumbleupon and was so inspired by it, I thought I would find the source video and post it here below.

I then took snap shots of the video for my viewers who can't or don't have video capability for one reason or another.

It could store slanted against the bulkhead in a fiver
Contents safe underneath
It seems to me, with a little engineering one could be designed for Fifth wheelers and Motorcoaches, sure it might be more slanted against the Head wall. or maybe it could be incorporated into the side wall, but think of the office or craft space one could create!

I would gladly give up my under bed storage to have something like this, if any one knows somewhere to get one custom made to fit my RV, let me know!

The engineering is so finely balanced you can raise or lower it with a finger. I like how you can leave the contents on the desk or shelf.

There are other great furniture ideas in the video too, some already being made for RV's, such as the raising, expandable coffee table.

Desk slide above with contents
I predict that someday this will be the norm for RV's if only we can get them to do it!

Here is a link to their site.

I also found a great "build your own" Murphy bed video farthest below, I think I'll take the plans to our Local Amish Carpenters in Wisconsin and see what they can do!

This model would work on the side wall in Queen size
Bed folds down, imagine it in a Queen
Note the arched slats, eliminating the box spring
Flip it around
this could also work in a coach


I.M. Vayne said...

Just in case y'all don't know it, you two bein' such historical artifacts and all, yer supposed to not be in that bed when ya put it up. I.M. who are unhesitately helpin' the unfortunately unknowledgeable unwittingly understand the unintentionally unknowable.

Hasan Imam said...

Murphy dog beds can be quite practical while one is moving into a finite living space such as a studio room apartment or even a smaller condominium. They also can be quite a great solution for those who have two kids inside the identical sleeping quarters. Alongside each of the further living space you will get again simply by flip-style your murphy bed in to the retaining wall, some styles undoubtedly are a real retaining wall unit get better at part. The cost that they market regarding can inspire one to designed your own.

IsabellaChilde said...

Wonderful furniture designs, in search of modern wall beds we came to your blog for modern ideas. I loved the design especially the desk. We got engaged last year and are planning to get married next year in February. We are also planning to shift in our new house which is under construction, and thought of doing research to make our home worth living.

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