Morning Coffee Clutch

Hang on to That Cup!
Thought I'd join you for coffee this morning, as you can see, my hands are firmly grasping the Chalice of Life Giving Substance.

I start my day with two cups of coffee, and that's it. I am allowed no more. So it is the most important thing in the world to me...I used to drink gallons...

I once had a Tropical Fish shop in my early days, (when the crust of the Earth was still cooling), I had an open house and bought an 18 cup coffee maker for the occasion.

Seen Better Days
The Open house was a flop, but I drank the entire pot of coffee during the course of the day myself. Ah, those were the days....

Then there was the cappuccino maker debacle. I bought it for an occasional cup of Super Joe, but ended up returning it within a week. At the return counter of Target, the young Lady asked why I was returning it.

I told her it was either return it or die from Cappuccino poisoning.

That brings us round to today, when moderation has become the key to survival. I must regulate my intake of caffeine. I need to sleep now and then.

So I relish my morning Java and take it very seriously. I buy the whole bean and grind it fresh every a.m. I drink "Brethren of the Coast" Pirate coffee especially roasted for me by a Crazy Pirate Coffee Roaster from Florida. He ships anywhere in the world to me, which is a Good Thing. Pirates, it seems, have to stay alert and awake, so they have an especially strong brew, for which I am ever grateful to them.
Just for Show....

This brings me round to my 2 cup electric drip coffee machine, which is just about to die. As the picture above shows, the handle is barley attached. Soon I must obtain a new one and I'm torn, she has served me so well now for more than three years on the road.

I would use my Boondocking pot pictured above, in all it's stainless glory, and most assuredly have a better cup of brown stuff, but it's a wee bit too big, and I will drink it all...besides, it's sorta my one and only Knick Knack. And we all know if it's a Knick Knack, it must not serve any useful purpose, (it must be also very hard to keep clean looking, in which this pot serves me well, you walk by it and finger prints magically appear).

Life Giving Bean Grinder
I am dazzled by the array of new coffee makers out there, it is almost too much to bear. One must actually do research these days to select a pot of choice, and the offerings are daunting. Single cup makers with special pouches of pre ground flavored offerings would be my choice, were it not for that every present vision of the Landfill in my mind with a mountain of little plastic and foil cups mounded up to the sky. I can't go there.

I'm sure my fellow coffee addicts know what I'm talking about so I will cut to the chase and say that if hot water runs through it, it will work for me. I will just drop by the nearest "Super Center" and buy the first thing I see that makes two cups. It will save me much anguish, I tend to over analyze things as it is.....once I've had my coffee, that is.

Or conversely, I may just wire up the handle on the pot I have and continue on until it truly is dead, a more likely scenario. Waste Not...Want Not.

An Observer

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I.M. Vayne said...

I.M. has see'd them photos on the innernet of them folks who has had to much of the meth stuff and how it makes them look like. But this are the first time I.M.has ever see'd the same thing in someonebody who has took in too much caffeine in their life, and it sure ain't a purtty site.
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