Local Flooding Pics and an Invite to Visit Us This Summer

Historic Building on site
These are more pictures of the flooding in Prairie du Chien Wisconsin. The worst of the flooding seems to be over for now and the waters have crested and are receding as of today.

Boat launch, not handrail that leads into river
One of the main roads to the Island

The old Hotel was just being restored, (on right)
The area pictured is St. Feriole Island, a area that once included the original Town Site and a Native American Village before that on the Mississippi.

Prairie du Chien is a French name given by fur trappers that means, "Prairie of the Dog" or "Prairie of the Fox" so named after the Fox tribe that inhabited the Island at time of their landfall.

It was at one time the center of town and the hub of manufacturing activity, having a barrel factory and shell button plant as well as other sundry businesses, it was moved in the 70's and 80's after catastrophic flooding that was higher than even these pictures represent.

Prairie, today, is a quiet little burg that hosts a Historic Rendezvous once a year on the Island that we cook for on Father's Day weekend. Our Kitchen location would be a couple of blocks South of the log building above and is currently under 5 feet of water. I have provided an informational link above.

Prairie Villa Museum built on an Indian Mound stays dry

If you happen to be traveling through the area this Summer on Father's Day weekend be sure to drop down for the Event and we'll cook you up some Heritage Fry Bread and serve you a Great Old Fashioned Root Beer. We sure would like to meet some of our Full Time and Future Full Time Friends! Well show you the high water marks on the pole next to our tent!

The Event also features a City Wide Rummage Sale and one of the Midwests largest Flea Markets at the same time.

The River Bluff Drive along the Mississippi is considered one of the most scenic in the country also. Along the way you'll see eagles nesting along the river and real Amish Flea Markets with genuine Amish Goods, (not those awful Amish Outlets that really aren't Amish at all!)

This is one of the reasons we Summer here, it's location on the river and huge limestone bluffs are breathtaking and the fishing is fantastic! Come by and see what we mean.
Our Kitchen Under Canvas

If you want to catch up with us sometime this Summer you can check out our Event Calendar here. We would be happy to cook for you, we have an All-You-Can-Eat Breakfast for $5 and our Heartland Road Warrior Toy Hauler is always somewhere nearby, we'd be glad to give you a tour of our home when we get a slow moment and share our stories on the road.

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