Fellow RV Snowbirds Return to Flooding in Wisconsin


We are on our way to our Summer RV Park Lot at Sportsman's Slew on the Mississippi so we were a bit concerned about the flooding we heard was going on.

I came across this great video of a Snowbird Couple who Winter in Texas and rushed home to gather their belongings and get out of their Summer home.

They are living in thier RV until the flood passes and it was great to see the positive attitude these folks have, the true "On The Road Spirit" reflected in the eyes of so many Nomads we meet.

The following series of pictures are from Fort Crawford in PDC, they show a time lapse of the Fort Flooding.For more info about the history of the Fort, click the link.

Our campground is on a level the same as or lower than all the pictures so it is safe to assume we won't be camping on our lot anytime soon, but it is a prepared flood plain and it is remarkable how quickly they get in and get the site up running again.

In fact, the entire area shown inundated is a flood plain and people were removed to safety many years ago, just a few historic buildings and structures remain in the parks created after the exodus and everyone is used to getting out of harms way every Spring.

When we leased the lot last Fall we were aware of the flood risk, but still deemed it worthwhile to stay on this spot as it is beautiful when dry, (very primitive and lovely, like a scene from "Tom Sawyer", with the plus of good fishing right outside the door), so if we have to evacuate every once in a while when the Mississippi does its thing, we'll just get out of the way.

Much of the time we are in this area we are on the road every week, so it's not like we are really there all the time.

Today we sally forth, through Iowa and then home, only three hours away from our Port of Call, have to arrange a different landing spot for a few days until the water recedes but looking forward to forecasts that the worst is over as far as flooding and snow.

Maybe Spring is going to show up after all!

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