Ewing, Illinois to Galesburg, Illinois

Well, we had a bit of a rough set up at Wittington Woods Campground, Ewing, Illinois. We were very tired and as we pulled into our allotted slot, we skimmed a tree stump, putting a skid mark and a bit of a crease on the side wheel skirt of our rig. Nothing damaged but our pride really, but it did sort of put a damper on the evening.

It is inevitable that on the journey, you will have the occasional scrap with something, it's just the first one on the new rig that really hurts.

When you think of how many miles and ugly traffic situations you come across, a little scuff on the side is really nothing.

We made a call to our dealer, who is either going to fix it or order a new skirt piece.

I didn't take any pictures yet, still smarts a bit, and sometimes it's hard to show all, but if I'm going to be brutally honest about life on the road, I have to include it all.

Well, we are off and running across Illinois the long way, and as I've said before, I'm sure Illinois is a lovely state, but you can't tell it by the interstate!
 Especially when the Seasons have turned back another notch, Dogwoods are just blooming and buds just opening on the trees. The ditches still have brown grass with just tinges of green...ARGH! It's getting colder too, barley 54 degrees outside. For this I left Florida! (What a Whiner I am!)

I filled my time with toning yesterday's photos and getting the Tennessee/Kentucky post done, now it's just blather on or stare out the window for a while.
Sure is flat....

I want to thank everyone who's following our migratory journey, I'm reading your comments and emails, I haven't had much time to get back to everyone as I do have to spend some time Navigating as well as typing my life away....but I'm glad you are all along for the ride and sharing the adventure.

It's really wonderful to cross this great country of ours seeing how the landscape changes and the Seasons run backwards, the one thing that truly fills my heart is that no matter where we go, we meet good people along the way and through our blog.

When you see all the bad news at night on the TV, it is reassuring that the world is not as bad a place as they would have you believe. Sometimes I think they want us to be afraid and locked up in our little houses watching TV for the next scary thing. It makes sense marketing wise, for them.

No matter how bad it is, (we just crossed through the part of this Nation that was struck with a record amount of Tornado's), we see people just getting on with things and counting themselves lucky to be alive and able to start over.

That's America. We may be down, but we're never out. We met a couple at the campground last night in a Big Horn Fiver who are headed for Oshkosh Wisconsin. After commiserating with us over our little "accident", we started talking about the future. "I don't know what's going to happen with those Boys in Washington", our neighbor said, "but I'm not going to let it keep me from doing what I want to do, my retirement plan is right here", and he stretched his two hands and showed us his calloused palms.

We agree.

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