Disk Warrior Saves my Apple Behind Again....

There I was, happily blogging away when I realized I needed some photos from an old external drive. I plugged it in and my Macbook Pro gave me the message of doom:

"Disk not recognized, do you want to initialize?"
"NO! I screamed, "I want my data!" ( I have an ongoing verbal relationship with my computer, I must think I'm on Star Trek or working with Hal in "2001 Space Odessey")
Shoot. OK, I'll just fire up Disk Utility and fix this puppy right up....twenty wasted minutes later and the ominous "Disk Cannot Be Repaired" message in bold red type, (yeah, like they HAVE to rub it in).

I scratched my head and tried to remember if I'd backed up this particular external drive, (of course I hadn't, it WAS the back-up drive). 

What next? I checked all my connections, tested them out, restarted a few times and generally wasted another hour in futile exercises that fall under the heading of, "If I try hard enough my drive will reappear..."

Then I took a break and started to think. What was that software I used to use that magically brought my dead drives back to life in "The Good Old Days" of OS 6-7-8 & 9 when I still knew my stuff?
Ah, now I remember....it was:

Disk Warrior
The Essential Mac Disk Utility:

From DiskWarrior Site: Everything just disappeared after your Mac went haywire. All your work documents. The music you most enjoy. The movie of your kid's first steps. It's your life and it's gone. Don't panic! DiskWarrior will find your documents, photos, music and any other files when disaster strikes and things go missing.

Perhaps you've tried to open a document and all that happens is a color wheel that spins and spins and spins… Or when your Mac starts up, all you get is a blinking question mark… Or you were in the middle of editing a movie and now your external hard disk isn't on the desktop… Or your MP3s won't play... Or every time you look through your photos, your Mac crashes. DiskWarrior gets you back up and running fast!

DiskWarrior Repairs Disks No Other Utility Program Can Repair

DiskWarrior can find your missing documents and files.
Using a patent-pending, award-winning method of rebuilding directories.

DiskWarrior cures those cryptic errors reported by Disk Utility.
Messages from your Mac such as "Invalid node structure" and "Keys out of order" may seem mysterious or even scary but DiskWarrior fixes these problems and many, many more.

Just one click finds everything that's missing or broken.
With a single click, DiskWarrior finds all salvageable files and folders and builds a new error-free, optimized directory for you to use.

You can easily check if your missing documents and items have been recovered.
DiskWarrior's patented preview feature lets you see how your disk will appear after it is repaired, but before any changes are made. You can even compare your disk in its damaged state to its repaired state.

DiskWarrior is incredibly safe to use.
DiskWarrior verifies your repaired directory to ensure it is error free. It then uses a
fail-safe method of replacing the damaged directory to ensure that interruptions such as power outages won't harm your data.

DiskWarrior is the highest rated and wins more awards.
The first reviews are in! See what the press is already saying about the new DiskWarrior 4.

Can you afford to waste your hard-earned money on any other utility?
You can try other utilities but you'll probably end up needing DiskWarrior to recover your data. You'll save money buying DiskWarrior first.

My Book, Freebird, WD in Icy Dock

I went to the site and downloaded the software, yeah, it set me back $90 bucks, but a new drive would've cost me at least as much, if not more, and then I would still be out my data.. I also got the start up disk mailed out to me for when I need to run diagnostics on my internal start up drive, but in the meantime, within 20 minutes I had the software, installed it and got my drive back intact. All my data safe and sound.

I also ran it on my other external drives and found they were near collapse too and quickly rebuilt them also. This is a great software and I'll never go without it again!

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