Our RV Paradise Found...Hiding Out at Scrufty's RV Park on Lake George Florida

We are at a quiet little campground on Lake George called Scrufty's Riverwood RV Park in Georgetown, Florida. Scrufty's is a full hookup site with cement patios and grass lots. Showers and laundry on the site, plus dock slip rental and outside storage available. Scrufty is a great Guy and has Air Boats, so if your friendly enough, you just may get to ride one.

Scrufty's is just one of several RV Lodges right on Lake George that offers great monthly rates and plenty of peace and quiet. It's a little out of the way from shopping and amenities but it makes up for it in hiking trails, fantastic fishing and interesting Historical Sites in the region, as well as just plain peace and quiet. We were here during bike week and it was great to see an occasional group of bikers, but for the most part, we didn't even know it was going on just a short 30 minutes from here.

Georgetown sits an hour North from Orlando, an hour South West of St. Augustine, half hour from Daytona Beach and an hour East of Ocala at the end of the road between Crescent Lake and Lake George. It's sorta out of the way and reminds us very much of some of the more remote Northern towns in Minnesota. 

In fact, you can't really tell it from Minnesota, the woods being mostly long needle Pine and Oak and the landscape dotted with many lakes and rivers.

Georgetown is a bit quieter than usual, as most "End of the Trail" communities this time of year. Some of the Resorts and Small Businesses have closed due to the present economy. Real Estate For Sale signs are as numerous as mail boxes at the end of driveways. Most locals have some toy or another for sale in their front yard.

Appearances are deceiving. This is, after all, an "End of the Trail Community". They have seen lean times before. When times are good they buy Toys and get caught up on repairs. When the economy fails, they sell a toy or two and cut back on expenses. They don't live here to make money, they live here because they love it here and wouldn't live anywhere else.

How do I know? I grew up in a town much like this. We would chuckle heartily when "Big Business" would roll into town in their shiny black cars, (that we often made a good living pulling out of washed out roads they had no business wandering down), to tell us that what we really needed was a shiny new Condo/Resort/Spa/Marina. We would nod, chew on a piece of grass and push our hats back and scratch our heads thoughtfully, like all good Hayseeds know to do when confronted by a City Dwellin' Money Lovin' Know-It-All.

When the bottom falls out of the Tourist trade, (which it does regularly, almost in ten year cycles actually), the "B.B.B." or "Big Bucket of Bullsh**t" Folks, all pack up their tents and leave, usually with some monstrous half finished monument to their futility left in their wake that the locals promptly strip and make something useful out of.

"How can you stand living here?" they snarl as they beat the dust off their hats and brush the burrs off their pants in disgust. They curse the mosquito's, the unbearable silence, the woodland creatures, (who, unlike Disney's characters are not very helpful at all in any given household task), and hop the first conveyance home as soon as the money runs out. We would cheerfully wave good-bye to their dust trails and get on with our splendidly laid back lives.

Georgetown is not exactly thriving at this point, nor down and out, but has made the best of the situation by offering lower priced  vacation packages and doing what it does best, taking it easy.

This is the quiet season for locals, things pick up pretty smartly, business wise, in the summer, when Florida City Dwellers flock here to beat the heat.

The local good life consists of sitting on the front porch in the evening, with barely a passing car to stir up the dust on the dirt road in front of the house. "Going Out" consists of maybe dinner and a beverage at the small Resort down the trail, a backyard chat over the hood of an old truck at a neighbors yard while an old dog naps in the middle of the road and watching the sun set over the lake.

Our kind of Place.

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Donna aka Froggi said...

Wow, looks like a nice place to rest a spell!

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