Early Settlers of New England (Salem 1626-1629) (1940) Documentary

Encyclopidia Brittanica Film dramatized impressions of the life of the pioneer settlers in a New England colony.Interesting film showing early structures and farming methods.

Ethyl's Frosted Sugar Cookies for Christmas!

We made these in 12 dozen batches during the Holiday season, they didn't last long!
A Facebook acquaintance was looking for a recipe for roll out sugar cookies you cut out and frost.
Here is my Mom's recipe from her ancient Cookbook, much stained and worn with use:
  • 3/4 cup shortning or butter
  • 1c Sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 t vanilla
  • 2 1/2 cups flour
  • 1t baking powder
  • 1t salt
Thoroughly mix and refrigerate one hour, roll out thin and cut with cutters, place on ungreased sheet
bake at 400 for 6 to 8 minutes.

  • 3c powdered sugar
  • 1/3c margarine/shortening or butter
  • 1 1/2 t vanilla
  • about 2 T milk
Mix powdered sugar and margarine. Still in vanilla and milk, beating until frosting is smooth and spreading consistency.

Grumble and Groan, Our Path is not an Easy One....

I am posting this in response to an article posted at the following site that seems to be a rant about how the entire RV'ing world has failed miserably is supporting it's Full Timers.
Read the Article at the site and then return here for my response.

- RV Business Site - http://www.rvbusiness.com

Article Link here
Opinion: Broken Promises in the RVing World
Posted By RV Business On December 8, 2010 @ 10:26 am In Breaking News 

 This is my response:
They can't all be this nice...
The unified theory of campgrounds is a dream within a dream. This is America, where campgrounds are owned by individuals, not some huge regulated government agency, (Thank God). Most campgrounds were designed and built long before the advent of "Big Rigs". Some are converted Trailer Parks. We deal with the challenges of wacky campgrounds all the time. We do our research, call, check google maps and then we make sure to arrive at "new to us" campgrounds early and have a couple of area backup parks, just in case the one we are at is a lemon. Once we find a good one, we document it, make comments about it on the web and on our blog and make sure we stop there again when we pass through.

As far as RV support goes, we did a great deal of research before we bought our 40' Fifth Wheel, we found both a dealership and a company that backs their products. We also took the extra measure to get roadside assistance and an extended warranty.

The reason RV dealers and makers say that Full Timers aren't covered under warranty is a simple one, if they were selling Full Time homes they would have to build units to existing static housing codes, which at this time, doesn't exist for over-the-road mobile homes. We have had no problems getting our unit serviced under warranty, even though we expressed that we were going to be living in this unit full time. As our dealer put it, "Define Full Time...it's impossible! what is the difference between an owner who uses his unit every weekend and one who stays in it all the time, we cover your unit because we want your business, and in case of litigation because we refused to service your unit, it would be very hard to prove just what a Full Timer is. Is he the Guy who travels every weekend and has a separate structure he calls home? Is he a Guy who parks his unit in an RV park and plants flowers around it? if you live in your rig, but spend a couple weekends away from it in a Hotel, is that Full Time? Dealers cannot truly discriminate about warranty coverage because of the lifestyle of the Owner." So it's a wink, wink, nod, nod kind of thing. Find a Dealer who understands this.

As far as service centers, we have spent the night at a few, we have always been accommodated, and treated very well. It helps to have a sense of humor and realize the work has to be done and you just have to accept the fact that they are very busy and you may have to wait. it's far to easy to get upset about something you have no control over, so control yourself.

Take your stick and brick home, jack it up and put it on axles, jam it down every "lumber trail" Interstate you encounter and see if you don't come up with some structural problems. Good Dealers accept service as a part of the package regardless of who you are and do their best to help you protect your investment and their reputation.

We have had some harrowing experiences on the road, and have had some frustrations, but it is the nature of our lifestyle that if something goes wrong, you just have to sit back and say "Well all right then" and roll with the punches. That's why this way of life is not for everyone.

Try to find an ideal place to park you unit every night with all the niceties you could ever desire. Not going to happen. It's the way it is and you just have to accept that it's not as easy as it sounds. We like the challenge and are ready for the inevitable frustrations that occur on the road, it's the price we pay for freedom.
We have had Our Share...our Old Camper had problems....

The Annual Christmas Video!

It's that time again Folks, we are dragging out our 2009 Christmas Video filmed in Sunny Florida. We often think we should remake this video, 
but how do you top perfection!

A Room with a View

Here is where we have been hiding out for the last month, Withlacoochie River Park in Dade City, Florida.

We have been staying here on and off for the last few years. We cook at a Historic Rendezvous held here every year the last week of January, as well as cook for a Flint Nap group and Hungry Star Gazers on occasion and it's a great place to hang out between events too.

It's an extremely quiet place with few visitors, in fact, we are often the only tenants for weeks at a time. We like that just fine.

In fact, I hesitated to write about this place since it might bring company, but most people aren't interested in staying in a place that has just water and 30 amp service, no sewer, showers or close restrooms,(nice restrooms over half a mile hike through the woods away!) and not close to anything!

This place is very special to us as when we first met we lived in a 12X12 Canvas Tent between Events when we were in Florida, then every year we came back we had a nicer and bigger home to live in, now we have the very nicest home we could ever aspire to and this Park has hosted us all the way through.

This is the perfect place for Doyle to recover, lots of flat, stable trails to hike that go on for miles through field, woods and riverside, ever changing scenery and most of all, quiet.

We do get the occasional Boy Scout Troop on the weekend, and there are those "Crazy Star Party" Folks who come out once a month on the dark of the moon to sing Karaoke and gaze at the heavens through huge telescopes...
but for the most part it's very quiet.

Well our secret is out, and maybe we will get some company after all...but we wont mind, we've been alone here for a month, more or less and could use some company...for a while!

I'd like to mention there is plenty of room for HUGE Rigs here...HDT's welcome, as well as tents, "Baggers" and other forms of campers. Just don't expect any amenities usually associated with finer establishments. This is roughing it...and it's really good.

Must Be Santa..Must Be Santa....Santa Ray!

Ray is better known by us as the "Padre", on our Historical Circuit. He is a Historical Trader with a unique, authentic shop that features everything a 1800's Fur Trader would need to explore the wild continent of America as it was then.

Ray is also all about education, he gives a very informative and historically relevant lecture on the "History of Currency" to school children at many of our Events. He makes a rather dry topic, (to most), into an interesting adventure that teaches much more about life at this time in our history than most people are aware of.

He has also consulted on many a Hollywood project over the years as a historian, succeeding in creating an accurate vision of yesterday life for many a film venture. He has also dedicated most of his life to the Boy Scouts of America, passing on his woodsman skills to many a young adventurer.

Among many lifetime accomplishments, our good friend and fellow Living Historian Ray Glazner is the official Santa at the Sawgrass Mall in Miami Florida for several years now. 

To us, he is the real Santa, his gift of storytelling, his wonderful ability to relate to children in a healthy and meaningful way, and his uncanny resemblance to Father Noel is striking.

When not dressed as Santa, Ray always takes pains to insure that even in civilian clothes, he behaves in a way that would do Saint Nicholas justice, he is often followed through stores and public places by small children who peek around store isles and parents point him out with the solemn admonition "See, you better behave, Santa is watching!"

This years theme is "Surfin' Santa" and Ray is lovin' the new digs! He was a bit hesitant at first about the new look, was worried that kids might be ready for a less traditional Santa, but it looks like the kids and parents are loving it!

We think he looks great and we are really being good this year so maybe Santa will drop by our RV and leave us some goodies.....I'm going to make Santa his favorite treat of Cheezee bread and leave it under our little tree...hint, hint.

Sawgrass Mall's Facebook fan page is here.

San Francisco Earthquake Aftermath Films (1906)

Here are my Saturday Night Film Picks of the Week, the cars, clothes and landscape are all worth watching! Actual films from 1906 and 1918.

Scenes from an early newsreel of the fire and earthquake destruction of San Francisco in 1906

San Francisco celebrates VE Day 1918 Market Street 12 years after the Earthquake
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