Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving with Charley

This year we had just planned going to go out for Turkey Day dinner, I usually grill my turkeys these days but we left our Holland Grill in storage in Wisconsin after it got blown away by the record breaking wind storm we had in our area. It has a lifetime guarantee but we didn't have time to deal with it and get to Florida ahead of expected snowstorms so we just left it behind for this year. The idea of trying to cook an entire dinner in my new "Toy" RV stove/oven combo was just too intimidating, especially when it would just be for two people.

Charley Loves the Big Balloons
All that changed when we got to Dade City, Florida and fellow Historians Sara & Jerry showed up to spend the Holiday in our park and they brought a turkey with no way to cook it! (They tent it when on the road). Of course I couldn't let free meat go to waste, so I quickly put together a passable dinner and took on the challenge of trying to get it all to fit in my oven, which I did, with great result, if I must say so myself!

Pals for Life!
Sara and Jerry's Son Charley was with them, he immediately took to the new RV, exploring every child-proof inch of it and declaring it to be "neat!" He especially like coming over Thanksgiving morning to watch the Macy's parade on TV and sharing a few moments cuddling with our Katie Dog. Better Pals were never met and they spent the days following each other around and taking puppy pile naps every chance they got. 

The cat disappeared for the most part, returning occasionally to feed and chide us for allowing "yet one more human in the house".

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Kathy Fortney said...

Katie Dog has 3 eyes????? very

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