Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Leaving Wisconsin...FLA Bound!

Doyle's champin' at the Bit, "Are we gone yet?"
I can't believe it, we are actually on the road again. It's been six weeks and a lifetime since we pounded down the road!

This morning we were up before the sun, scrambling to get the last of things put in order before we left. I had to have a quick course in what Doyle normally takes care of, (wish I had a picture if me crawling across the Fifth Wheeler roof on my hands and knees), pulling the jacks and hooking up the trailer were challenging, but we got it done.

Then I had to remember how to stow everything so we could put the slides in. I had only done it a few times so it all seemed new to me. Then I had to remember what to tie down and stow so everything didn't tumble about, thank goodness we have a good suspension under our trailer to begin with, our old one just had a solid axle, guaranteed to toss things around and smash things even carefully padded!

Sun rise over the Camper
Finally we were ready, the neighbor, Doug came over and said goodbye, he's the kind of neighbor everyone dreams of, friendly enough, but not inclined to camp on your front porch. Quiet and hard working, we wish him the best, as he does us, and get on our way.

The first miles were scary, we had forgotten how heavy we were, and being paranoid anyway, we pulled over after the first ten miles just to check everything and be sure we had it right.

Ditto for the first big downhill at Prairie, 8% grade, we always worry something has gone wonky with the brakes during our long sitting spell, (even though we had everything thoroughly check out before leaving), and it's always a relief to get down that first hill safely!
Ah, Wisconsin, we will miss her scenery, her cows in the woods

Now we're rolling along like old troopers, everything is just like old times. Doyle is holding up well, I keep asking him if he's tired, but he had some practice runs to LaCrosse and such before we left, so I feel confident he can take the miles in stride and will pull over when he starts getting tired and let me drive...or we'll just get a campsite early and relax!

Doyle drives and I surf the net and work on the blog as we travel along, what's great about this is I can look up local history and relate it to Doyle as we cruise through the area. Makes the trip very interesting.

The bridge on the Iowa Border
When we enter Dubuque, Iowa, we really start getting excited, we are now in a new state, this means we are making progress!

Here's a little local history stolen from the Dubuque County Site:

Dubuque's beautiful County Courthouse Dome
The first Court House built in the county was completed in 1836.  The 20-foot x 26-foot hewed-log structure was basically used as a jail and soon became outdated.  It was then replaced by a brick structure, completed in 1843.  After overcoming considerable opposition from taxpayers’, construction of a third Court House was begun in 1891.  Since it took nearly two years to complete the Court House, the county offices were temporarily held in the city hall.

The Dubuque County Court House is a perfect example of Dubuque’s early Victorian architecture.  The structure was designed by a native of Dubuque, architect Fridolin Heer.  When the building was constructed, 12 massive figures were placed on the roof and ledges, at a cost to the county of $29,503.97.  Since that time all but six statues remain, the most prominent being Justice which rises above the street more than 200 feet on the dome.

So children, this is your history lesson for today, (unless we drive through another point of interest!)

Today's Progress
PS another point of interest is "The Mines of Spain" just South of Dubuque, if the name intrigues you, check out the site by clicking on the link.

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Anonymous said...

Yehaaa!!! And away we go! go! Stay well, take your time and we will see you again in the spring. Thank you for the wonderful updates and thoughtful posts. During this difficult time for you both, I've seen what I always knew...that you are not only good people on the 'outside', but deep inside as well as you've born your hearts and souls to all who call you friend. If you can feel the warmth, it's my hugs to you both. Susan

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