Monday, November 1, 2010

Finally Free, Time to say Good bye to an Old Friend

It's finally done. The auction, the packing, the donating, the gifting, the trips to the dump.

Our home has been a good one for us for many years, but now it's time to say good bye.

We are leaving in just a few days for Florida, as we have for several years now, the difference this time is we won't be coming back to a house full of furniture and personal belongings.

I loved this Old Lady, with her creaks, groans and whispers of past lives in her echoing through the halls on quiet nights.

I will miss the view from her many tall narrow windows that were drafty and frosted in the Winter, stuck fast closed in the Summer's humidity.

I will miss her large airy dining room and great room upstairs with it's wonderful deco 1908 light fixtures.


I spent many hours happily sewing in this room, spreading out my cut out fabric on the dining room table and stitching as I watched the day change through the bay window.

 Many delightful years were spent here, but times had changed for us. We went to work on the road and my house became harder to maintain.

When we left for the Winter, I always worried about how the house was doing, and many times we came home to one disaster or another, flooding, freezing pipes and warped furniture. We had to make a choice. We chose our life on the road and never looked back. Everything had to go.

We started with an estate auction that was well attended and everything went. I can't tell you what a life's worth of possessions looks like on the front lawn, it was difficult at first, but friends and family gathered around us and held our hands. We made the expected amount of money for our travails and we used it to purchase our new fifth wheel trailer. We were committed now and there was no turning back.

 The more we purged, the better it felt. we couldn't get rid of formerly precious possessions fast enough. Soon, anyone careless enough to stop by could not escape without an armload of things to take with them.

At one time we thought we would never get through it, the more we got rid of, the more we seemed to find. Heretofore unopened closets revealed an entire room full of contents.
 Dressers and drawers were bottomless, the garage was like a clown car, the more we took out the more kept coming out in an endless parade.

Right when things were looking good and empty and the end was in sight, Doyle became perilously ill. It was time to regroup and tend to what was most important, our life together, and also for me to take the drivers seat in finishing up the task we set out to do while Doyle recuperated from his surgery. 

I cursed, I swore and I cried, but I got the items we hadn't been able to deal with into storage and got us ready to head down the road.

Funny the things you think of when you have it all packed up and are heading out, I dug up the "Hens & Chickens" plant out of the rock garden and brought it in the trailer, I found some Christmas lights in the basement and some garland, I packed it up for when we set up in Florida, yes, we are going to be those annoying people with all the twinkle lights glowing in the dark amongst the palms.

But before we left, I took one last walk through the house saying goodbye. I said goodbye to the neighbors cows I watched get born and then, in turn, give birth a few short years later to a new generation just outside my window. I strolled the hills and fields one last time watching the Kestral Falcons hatched in our big cottonwood chasing mice down the furrows plowed every alternating year with corn or soybean.

I will miss this place, but most important to me, I have grown as a woman and learned what is truly important and what is not. It is nice to own things and take comfort in pride in them through the years.

I also learned that at the right time, it's time to say goodbye to all of it and go on. Just me and my Man, (and my dog and his cat), driving down the road, wind in our hair, sun on our faces, looking forward to the next turn in the road that life has to offer. Nothing is holding us back now, no cares to worry us as we go along the way. 
It's finally done. Or is it just beginning?

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LG61820 said...

I get the bittersweet in your post. I tried to comment last night, but tears got in my eyes. LG

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