Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 5 Jemison Alabama to Tallahassee Florida..Fla-Fla-Fla-FLORIDA

Our Destination at Hand
 We awoke early and headed for the border, the Florida border, that is...the scenery quickly turned from Fall to Tropical on the South side of Montgomery, Alabama.

Suddenly we were amongst saw tooth palms, long leaf pine and live oaks. Our mood improved by the minute, our destination was within reach now after five long days of travel.

Florida Long Leaf Pine on US Hwy 10
After traveling through Dothan, Alabama, (the city of many stoplights), we were soon across the Florida Border, then to US 10 and headed for Tallahassee. 

The smiles spreading across our faces with the miles, we laughed and joked the entire way, after all, just a month ago it was entirely possible that we would never see Florida again together.

Here we were racing through the green, green pines on roads that have never known a frost pot, with produce stands and boiled peanut shacks at every intersection.

This is home. At least for the Winter, and we enjoy every minute of it, it is truly the Sunshine State.

Big Oak RV Campground
We turn into our favorite destination in Tallahassee, Big Oak Campground, always busy, crowded and noisy, but we don't mind because it's the first stop in Florida for just about everyone here and you can't step out the door without being hailed by someone who's checking out your license plate and wants to share their travel stories with us. 

The air is cheery and bright, small dogs yip and yap, no one seems to mind, because we are in Florida.

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