Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 5 Enjoying Peach Queen Campground, Jemison, Alabama

Nice grassy lot
 I honestly don't understand what RV campers want in an RV Park. I googled RV campgrounds in the Montgomery area and I came up with a couple of choices so I read the reviews, (mostly from RVNet), and was a little put off by the reviews given this campground.

Complaints included no maintenance, antiquated showers, pot holed gravel roads, near a truck stop, the list went on and on.

After our recent in-town experience, I was looking for something quiet and rural, so we took a chance and were glad we did.

Room for slides
The first impression we got was from the owners, an older couple you can tell have been at it for many years. After amiably chatting for a spell, we came to the realization that we were in the south and had a little slowing down to do. I found myself twitching uncomfortable as the Owners related a long, drawn out story. After chiding myself for my bad manners, I let out a big sigh and decided to roll with it. The story was good, and after all, if you are going to get along in the South, you have to put your listening ears on and relax.

Nice rustic pavilion
This little jewel sits sleepily just off Interstate 65, way off in the distance, you can sometimes hear the traffic, if you listen real hard. The truck stop is far enough away that occasionally you can hear a truck start, if you are outside and the wind is in the right direction. it's not a busy truck stop either, just a few trucks occasionally, which you wouldn't know about if you didn't go to the fence and peer through the woods, more than a quarter mile away.

The roads are gravel and a bit rutted, but not deep enough, or sloppy enough to cause concern.
You can't resist the urge to sit a spell here.

The lots are spacious, grassed and level. Trees are on every lot, but we still had room for our slides.

The sewer hookup was a little hard to reach, the sewer is set a bit far back to reach comfortably, but we can back up a bit and dump before we leave, a no brainer. 

We had our choice of 30 or 50 amp hook up and power was stable and reliable. the water was remarkably clean and fresh.

Many, nice open lots
The park featured an large pavilion above a privately owned stocked catfish pond. A cozy yard swing sits on the shore, inviting you to sit and rest a spell.

Sunset at Peach Queen
I had almost decided to use our own shower in the trailer as the reviews intimated that the bath house was not something to be desired, but we had to fill our propane tanks, (which they do on site here), so we drove to the front and Doyle braved the restroom and found to his surprise, they were clean, well lit and quite nice, (makes you wonder what people expect in a shower house, doesn't it?). We ran back and got our shower things, found the water hot and the experience refreshing.

We enjoyed ourselves so much here, we took an extra day off the road to rest up and enjoy the peace and quiet. Now, this isn't a remote state park with lots of wilderness and trails, nor is it a resort spa with cement pads and hot tubs. It's a nice, clean, grassy meadow with reliable hookups and relative quiet considering its proximity to the Interstate.

We will stop here every year from now on, it's good enough for us and I was hesitant to write a good review because now we will have more company, but these good folks deserve to make a living, which can't be easy considering the bad press people have laid on them. Their rate is the cheapest in the area too!

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karylsquilts said...

sounds like my kind of park. and a 100 % better than your previous one! ~~ enjoy ~

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