Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 4 Nashville Tennessee to Birmingham, Alabama

Doyle against Nashville
 Here is the "annual"picture of Doyle with the skyline of Nashville behind him, we do this every year for some reason, probably because it's the one of the few major cities we drive right through the heart of and the view is on his side of the truck. It also annoys him to no end, because there are cars zipping around us at 60 mph and I'm distracting's a trivia item for you, Doyle HATES to have his picture taken when he's not working in the kitchen or in camp, he's really quite shy about it..
Still green from  here on...

Fall is just arriving in Tennessee and Alabama, it's always so energizing suddenly noticing that the grass is green, the trees still have leaves on them and the Fall colors are just beginning to blaze. Doyle was thrilled this year because he was in the hospital during the change and missed all the blazing beauty that the season brings. Fall is his favorite season and he enthusiastically points out every brilliantly colored tree he sees, which get a bit old after he's spotted the two hundredth one... but you have to give him credit for even giving a damn about such things.

Alabama Welcome Center Saturn Rocket
Another annual tradition is stopping to see the Saturn rocket towering over Interstate 65 at the Alabama Visitor's welcome center. The Saturn 1B was originally developed in Huntsville, Alabama at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. Huntsville itself has a Space Center Museum and other Saturn Rockets on Display. It's just one of those things that never fails to impress and you just have to stop and take a look at it. (Also, the rest area is a great relief, Tennessee is not known for it's many wayside rest stops so your ready to take a break!)

We boil on to Birmingham, Alabama, right through the heart of it as with Nashville, but no scenic pics to take, as your clenching the seat with your butt cheeks between the traffic and the choppy ride.  

There are more extreme hills in Birmingham than anywhere else on the trip, you would swear you are on a roller coaster, only everyone is free to change lanes at will, which they do with hair raising effects.

After that challenge, we tucker out and find ourselves a sweet little RV campground just within striking distance of Montgomery, another challenging city to traverse. We need a good shower and some rest, and we find it in a wonderful sleepy little hollow just off the Interstate. It's so nice we decide to take a day down and catch up on our rest, after all, it's not like we have to get anywhere and we are finally getting out of the cold and into milder temperatures.

Did I mention the cold followed us down again this year? They are going to hang us in Florida when we get there, we always seem to drag the chill along with us, we brought the mercury down to 27 last night and the locals ain't happy about it, it was 75 just a week ago! We decide to sit and wait it out, a warming trend starts in a few days, so maybe we can duck the blame for it this year if we sit tight for a while!

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