Saturday, October 30, 2010

Our Totem is The Raven 1974 Native Film

This is  "Our Totem is the Raven". It's a great short film about life. It's not that short so make some popcorn, kick back and take a journey with Chief Dan.
I can't find this movie anywhere, (except this small version on an archive site), if anyone knows where I can find it, let me know. The scene opens with a young man playing the harmonica, the song he is playing was adapted by Kieth Secola from a traditional native song, Kieth is a Minnesota "Cousin",(name for a fellow Indian). Strangely enough, the first instrument I learned to play home on the Rez was the harmonica.
I know this is a short film, but I remember seeing it somewhere, it has remained in the back of my mind ever since then.


Chris said...
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Chris said...

I enjoyed watching "Our Totem is the Raven" thanks for posting it on your blog.

There, this one is all spelled right.


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