Pictures of our Road Warrior at Platteville, Wisconsin Historic Encampment

Ever get the feeling something is following you?

We can't get over the ease at which this new rig pulls, sure, it's heavy, but it tracks along behind us like it's a part of the truck.
The turning is much smoother and tighter than our former trailer and it feels like we are gliding along..with Tow/haul we do well on Wisconsin's challenging 8% grades and braking is very smooth and controlled.

I don't think I will ever get tired of taking pictures of our new home, here we are on quite a hill, no problems with the slides binding, rock solid and stable.

The cat likes it too...she's hamming it up to show her appreciation for us buying her a new house to live in!

We are setting up in a beautiful park on the edge of town, we'll haul out canvas, set up and then retire to the equally nice RV spot they've reserved for us at the entrance to the park.
The camp host came out to greet us, he thinks we have a mighty big rig. Yes we do.

We love this life because who else can pull their RV onto the grass in a city park and boondock? we can!
Here's Doyles end of the rig...funny how he forgot the "Easy" button to make it all fly out and set itself up! 

It's a beautiful day though, nice lower 70's and a cool breeze, so we don't mind charging into the duty of the day...
The new larger windows framed in black make a perfect picture frame of this wonderful park. Makes taking a break a luxurious experience, can hardly remember the days when we lived in a tent behind the kitchen, our Road Warrior makes us feel at home anywhere!

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