Meet the Hills in Their HDT Freightliner

So... we're cruising through Viroqua, Wisconsin and we spot this unit sitting at the County Fairgrounds. Being the shy retiring type, we pound on the door and demand an audience with the owners of this incredible home on wheels.

Meet The Hills, Dale & Kathy, hailing from Yuma, Arizona and spending the Summer in Wisconsin to be near Dale's 100 year old Mother nearby. They were more than gracious, telling us everything we cared to know about the place they have called home for the last 19 years.

Dale is retired military and they have been as far North as Alaska with this rig and as far South as Mexico and all points East and West in between.

As you can see, Dale loves to fish. He uses a swing hoist, (that black thing sticking up) to take down the boat, complete with trailer. 'It's easier that way, with the trailer attached' he explains. 'It makes a great wind deflector too up there like that'. And so it is, we agree. He also uses the hoist to load his motorcycle, (not pictured) and load the Johnson outboard. He was going to buy a hoist, but after looking one over he thought, 'heck, I can make that myself!' and so he did!

He bought the tractor and did all the modifications himself, except the flatbed, which was already done.
They also tow a Toad to complete the look.

We got a complete inside tour as well, Dale has practically gutted the interior and rebuilt it making it quite the showplace. We didn't take pictures inside, we have to draw the line someplace, I suppose.

Kate told us that they are used to being stopped and photographed by people from around the world, seems their rig is quite the conversation piece.

Kate gave me some great advice on several housekeeping tips and Dale gave Doyle the lowdown on buying and rigging an HDT. It was the best afternoon we have spent in a long while. Now we just have to get our own HDT, we can't go wrong with great people like the Hills to show us the ropes!

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