Flatscreen TV Hutch Transormation (Hide the wires)

Most of us have a flat screen TV housed in an cabinet that has many connections, wires and tie downs visible. Ours is no exception, and this picture was taken before I added my ipod connections which has a nest of white wires running all over the place.
I needed a solution that would allow the TV to be secured by it's travel strap, allow the TV to be moved in and out on its arm and yet cover the unsightly tangle.
At first I came up with a number of complicated fixes, but then decided to embrace the KISS principal, (Keep it simple, stupid), and just cut a piece of stretch black fabric slightly larger than the opening. I cut a slit from the bottom middle to the center of the fabric and then just tacked in in place inside the cabinet frame with push tacks strategically placed.
The finished look is clean and uncluttered, also uncomplicated. If I really need to get in the cabinet, I just pull the tacks and then replace when finished.
Make sure you have enough clearance in your slit to allow the retaining travel strap to come out and still attach!
Here is the finished look, very nice!

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