Escapees helping Full Timers Find A New Home

I consider myself a bit of an old timer on the road, we have been living this way for four years now and consider ourselves pretty knowledgeable about the ins and outs of life on the highway.

If only I had known about the Escapees Forum! What a great group of people sharing their collective hundreds of years on the road. I have only been posting and reading for three weeks and already I have learned more in that time than I ever learned on my own.

Using their search feature I have been able to enter a keyword and get back an amazing amount of information, everything from rubber roof care to tires and everything in between. There are even areas to swap design ideas and recipes for us Ladies! What a friendly group of people!

I was particularly upset lately about issues of residency, since I had just sold my home of 27 years and didn't know which state to claim as my new "domicile" for Drivers License, Taxes, insurance, (You get the idea_) so I posted a query and was quickly assured by folks who had been there that they had the answer in-house with their own mail forwarding service out of Texas. I knew about these services, (one is through Good Sam's Club), but wanted to be a tax paying, voting member of a state, not just a place to call home on a letterhead. We also spend much of our Winter in Texas, so it was a good fit.

The atmosphere is friendly and well moderated, no flame wars here! Most regular posters have their own very interesting blogs with tons of specialized information and trip information. I have made several new friends already and look forward to getting to know more of these Road Hardy Old Hands.

So if you are on the road and think you know it all....think again, there is a collective group of support folks out there at the Escapees Forum that is there to help!

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