Cutting the Glare of Those Oval Wall Interior lights

Most Fifth Wheelers and campers have them, those nice looking oval wall lights. There's only one problem, they are brighter than the morning sun when lit, (blinding, perhaps is a better word for it).

I solved this problem by removing the lens assembly and lining it with tin foil, after shaping it to the inside of the lens I removed it and used a sewing pin to make a random pattern on the foil, then placing it back into the lens I the reassembled the light, being careful not to block the venting, since these fixtures do get quite warm).

One could make a design pattern if one chose, but I just needed a quick fix for a more subtle effect, so I didn't get too fancy. 
This really looks nicer than the pictures show, give it a try on your "spotlight" and make yourself a more subtle "romantic" light!
(Only use a non flammable tin foil and don't let the foil touch bulbs or wires within!)
Now if only someone would come up with a suitable way to tame the glow of those awful ceiling fixtures! I think I'll just replace them with DC LED eventually, but there has to be a way to cut that terrible surgery lamp light look until I can find the right replacements!
I'm going to experiment with using a non flammable, temporary white wash on the inside of the lense to get rid of the bare bulb look, (can anyone remember that stuff we painted on glass as kids that dried in a snowflake/frost pattern?)


karylsquilts said...

frosty stuff: is a type of glass paint in a small bottle, painted with a brush. I bet it could be found in HObby Lobby. not sure if it is flame proof, read the lable or maybe mask it off and paint on the outside??

Doyle and Terri Johnson said...

I will head to Hobby Lobby and check it out! Thanks for the heads up!

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