Copying DVDs to your Computer for Later Playback

This is in response to an RV'er wanting to copy their movie files to an external drive to watch at a later date without having to load the DVD. 
Here is a quick tutorial of how Wondershare DVD Ripper works on a Mac. 
The windows version should be very similar.
This software allows you to copy your DVD's to your Hard drive for computer viewing without the disk being loaded. Be aware of copy write issues, you may legally make copies of your DVD's but sharing or distributing them is illegal.

The software I am using to make this tutorial is Screenflow, by the way...

I would suggest you watch this on the you tube site and click on the resolution tab and select at least 720p to view this tutorial properly. Otherwise it will be a bit fuzzy.

The Amazon Link below is for PC, if you want the Mac version, click on the Wondershare link above.

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