A Bump in the Road, Time to Regroup and Count Our Blessings

A recent visit to the Doctor revealed Doyle has an Abdominal aortic aneurysm. 

This comes as quite a blow to us, we are just becoming somewhat successful in our new endeavour as a Full Time Kitchen Under Canvas and have been unsuccessful in finding an insurance carrier that would cover us since we both have previous medical conditions that preclude us from any kind of meaningful insurance that we could possibly afford.

Instead of turning this into a rant on the present state of affairs of the medical insurance policies in this country, we instead, wish to reflect on a life well lived and we move forward boldly to deal with this situation as best we can.

We have both been blessed with a good, adventurous life and healthy, wonderful children.

We have watched our country change, mature, fall back on itself, rally together and take on the challenges of a world seemingly gone mad all at the same time. I guess that's what a democratic and free country does best and we wouldn't trade it for any other system in the universe.

I have seen our flag raised before tear filled eyes, burned, worn as trouser patches and draped on coffins. This is America too. We never see a flag unfurled that doesn't make us choke up with pride for the people who paid with their lives so it could remain our standard.

We were raised in a different time, knowing a rustic lifestyle that no longer exists and have seen many wonderful, (and not so wonderful), advances in technology and society. We have both lived quite happily without electricity, indoor plumbing, phones or television. We have been to remote, primitive areas that few if any human eyes ever saw before. We drank from a crick, built a shelter, fished with a handmade hook on string and built fires without the benefit of a lighter. We never felt the worst for it or felt we lacked for anything.

We have both benefited from modern society also, we have both been to college, worked in the hectic modern world and owned fine houses and lived prosperous lives by anyone's standards. 

We have lost it all at one time too, and had to gather ourselves up and begin again more than once.

We have been selfish, petulant, and made more mistakes than we could count on all hands and fingers, yet we learned from it eventually and found that actions speak louder than words and that we must learn to forgive ourselves and seek the forgiveness of others for our wrongs. Life is a round table, eventually what you put on it will come back to you.

We have been humbled, exalted and chastised in the proper time by a Maker who wanted us someday to be wise and worthwhile people.

We have both been gravely ill in the past, and through the miracle of our Maker and Good Folks around us, we have persevered through dark times.

We know, from past experience, that everything happens for a reason, and today's challenge is no different, we just have a temporary case of clay feet and will move past this moment of doubt.

Our Friends and Family have overwhelmed us with their thoughts, prayers and concern. They are our backbone now, and will be for the foreseeable future.

No matter what, it's been a great ride and we hope to be back on the roller coaster soon, careening our way down the road with our heads out the no-draft, our tongues lolling in the wind, like two pups on an ice cream run. 

God Bless this Great Country and God Bless You All.
Doyle & Terri Johnson


Anonymous said...

What more can Sara or me write, except our fervent prayers are with you and Doyle! We both now enjoy comparatively good health as advancing years still allow us to travel here and there.
Lots of love from Sara and Chuck (Squeezebox Charley) Hamsa

3stitches said...

Shelly's and my thoughts are with you, and Reiki is on the way. We know we'll see you down the road. Blessed be.

burntfinger said...

Smoke going up for the two of you.

Sarah and Jim said...

Jamie and Sarah Prusha are thinking of you both and sending you the best thoughts. Look forward to seeing you both soon.

Doyle and Terri Johnson said...

thank you so much for your prayers and kind words, we are hanging in there, my sister, (the nurse), has a watchful eye on both of us!

Stoni said...

Our prayers and thoughts are with you both. Hang in there and get the "zippity" back in your
"DoDa" soon. Dan and Stoni

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