Afforable Wireless Security, You Can't Live Without it!

How many times have you been rousted from your chair by a unexpected knock at the door of your RV? Usually it's just a park manager or neighbor, but what if it's not? Most RV doors have frosted glass, so you can't see who's out there if they hang close to the door.

What if you hear strange noises outside at night? Are you just going to charge out there with a flashlight?

You know you need a security camera, but until now, it's been beyond the financial reach of the average full timer. Systems start at $500 and can add up fast when you start adding cameras and monitors.

We just stumbled on a great bargain in the area of remote video cam surveillance, the Uniden UDW-1003. We stumbled on it a Sam's Club, where it's being offered at the low price of $129.87.

For this you get one camera that works in daylight as well as darkness,(infrared), a remote monitor with control, and cords to attach it to your TV, (RCA adaptors), or computer, (USB). It also has sound capturing that is remarkable considering it's small size. It has video out as well as USB to hook up to your PC and record video. If you have windows Vista or XP, it has software to control it also. (Windows 7 coming soon, mac users are out of luck at this point).

It's very small and portable, the camera range is about 300 ft from the base, if there is no real blockage from trees or buildings.
Both camera and monitor have a lithium battery for completely wireless use, 10 hours for the monitor, 4 hours for the camera. You can buy up to 4 additional cameras for both outside and inside use to hook up to one monitor, you can split the screen four ways or have the monitor cycle through each camera at a preset rate.

We currently have the indoor camera installed under the canvas canopy above our front door, the canvas protects it and we remove the camera easily for travel by unscrewing it from the base provided that swivels and tilts like a camera tripod. We then have the monitor hooked up to the TV so we can view it picture in picture or by going to video input 1 when we want to check something out.

The night vision in infrared is awesome, turns the night into day, (as the snapshot of the monitor above shows). Really nice for when you are in those less than desirable camping areas with a lot of activity going on outside. When I walk the dog at night, I take the portable camera with me so my husband can keep an eye on us. It's a great way to keep an eye on kids playing in the yard, your pet in it's play yard. We park our truck under it's watchful eye also.

You don't really need extra cameras unless you want to cover a lot of territory, our doors are on one side without slide outs, so we can train the camera down the side and watch both doors at once. When we are just stopping for the night and don't hook up to electricity, we place it in the bedroom window looking out and down, viewing the door area, the monitor goes on the bed table next to us.

We give this security camera a thumbs-up and for the price, you really cannot afford not to have one!

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