Friday, October 28, 2016

The Wizard of Oz Foresees The 2016 Election, Will We Ever Learn?

We ARE Dorothy and we must wake up
A beloved childhood film can teach us much about our present political landscape, and the pitfalls of letting "Strong Leaders" do the hard work as we bask in the supposed benefits, oblivious to their actual cost or the leaders true agenda. So it is with the current political debate in an almost "Too Real To be True Reenactment" of this childhood tome turned reality in 2016.

Enter the disenfranchised "All American Public", (we'll call them "Dorothy henceforth), having weathered perhaps the worst 25 years economically in this fair country. Tired, overworked, underpaid, under insured and even expelled from home and hearth because of careless, for profit at any human cost, banking practises allowed by a government who deregulated and allowed bad things to happen to otherwise good people in return for their own fiscal reward. She having been have successfully raised as a generation of people who are taught to accept the status quo and to distract ourselves through simple follies from the important matters of the day Fa-la-las through her day, disregarding anything substantial happening around her.

A colorless place to one who would shirk responsibility
"Dorothy" lives in a dream world that is black and white, her idioms fed to her through the media by the "Strong Government Leaders", (Parents), who raise her to be aloof and protected from the real world, hiring out the work to "hired hands" (third party countries),  instead of instilling a sense of responsibility in their daughter to do her part, become educated and be active in the day to day operations of the "Country", (Farm).

She is willfully kept ignorant and vulnerable through trifling diversion, wandering the pastures in almost a dreamlike state with her loyal companion Toto, (the even more ignorant, bully child), who also lacks discipline being fostered by an innocent.

Dorothy seeks escape only to be swept away
Dorothy's world is toppled and sent into a spiral when her dog gets loose, (by being raised by an unaccountable, reckless parent ) and causes problems for the neighbor, "The Wicked Witch", (Americans pulling her dead weight while she wanders in the fields picking flowers). The witch comes to complain, and it seems rightfully so, that the dog has caused her some real problems and seeks for the dogs demise and for Dorothy to become more responsible. Dorothy responds by stealing back the dog and trying to run away, "Somewhere where other Strong Leaders" will help her. Dorothy also responds, at least in dream fantasy, by dropping a house on her antagonists head, (more war and conflict domestically), the perfect response to an uneducated ignorant child.

The cost of running away often hurts others
She goes to a place in her mind via an Apocalyptic event, (tornado), where a Good Fairy, (and new strong leader), first congratulated her on doing a terrible thing and rewards her with the vanquished Witches shoes, then sends her off on a journey to fulfill the Fairies agenda, instead of telling her that she could just click her heel and go home.

The supposed "Strong Good Leader" Fairy Godmother also manages to get her agenda fulfilled by using the young girls ignorance, first by having her kill her sister inadvertently, then by sending her on a quest that ultimately exposes another "Strong Leader" who needed taking down a notch, (using her effectively as a military force for the Fairies betterment without regard for the personal cost to Dorothy).

Circumstance makes friends out of strangers
On the journey Dorothy meets the hired hands in the guise of fellow travelers who are also plodding along trying to find a Strong Leader of their own to solve their problems with easy, painless solutions and have become mired in their muck of their own indecision. Dorothy reinvigorates their determination that they will find the Wizard and he will solve everything for them.

We all know what comes next, the Wizard exposed as a Weak Leader who can't even help himself and all seems lost. Then the Wizard and Fairy admit that all the motley bedraggled crew were the ones who had the true power all along for change by working together towards a common cause instead of relying on equally incompetent and isolated Leaders to do it for them.
Weak Isolated Leader Exposed

In the Wizard of Oz, at the moment when Dorothy is about to return home, the supposed Good Fairy informs her that during the entire time of her stay in the land of Oz  that she always had the power to return home on her feet. All she would've had to do is click her heels together three times and she would've returned home. I know if I was Dorothy, I would've been very upset about this heretofore unreleased knowledge, but she takes it in stride and accepts that she needed the adventure's lesson to show her that there truly is no place like home.

Together, they discover that they have the power for change, no Tyrants needed
Dorothy clicks her heals and returns home, but she returns with the knowledge gained that the people around her are not just shadowy puppets in her life's play, but real flesh and blood hard working people who are to be respected and acknowledged. I imagine she not only learns responsibility and takes part in chores and actively helps build the farm from that day forward, but also makes amends for her dogs actions and trains her dog to behave and be accountable as well.

How does this apply to the present situation? We are a nation imbued with the responsibility of governing ourselves responsibly. For too long we have given over that right to supposed isolated leaders who are simply pursuing their own agenda with no regard for the people who put them there. The only chance we have as a nation is if we begin to get ourselves responsibly involved in our governing. No Fairy Godmother or Wizard is going to save us.
The moment Dorothy accepts she needs to work with others t realize her goals

It takes education and hard work to raise a successful nation, it requires involvement in every stage of the political process, not just voting and turning our backs to wait see what happens. We need to hold government responsible and force them to become transparent in their actions. We need to serve as volunteers on committees locally to solve problems brought on by poverty. We need to make them do their jobs or replace them with people who will do the job.

Some say it is too difficult, with all of the responsibilities heaped upon our shoulders in these dark times. They want more "Strong Leadership" without personal action as it is more comfortable and convenient. We have seen the terrible fruit of such inaction before, and it only gets worse as one Strong Leader is toppled and another comes along.

Look Familiar? It should!
It is time for us, as a Nation to grow up and face our responsibilities simply because the "Strong Leader" system doesn't work and never has. We need to be the change, we need to reach out to each other and govern ourselves before it is too late and the right to govern is removed from us. It is dangerously close now.. let this be your last warning.

No matter who wins this election, let us resolve that we will not turn our backs and go about our business the day after. Let them know we will hound them continually until they become servants of the people and set right what is so obviously wrong or they will be replaced by OURSELVES working together for EVERYONE.

We must turn from the division that only benefits the profiteers who seek to bleed us dry of any incentive ever to rise and question their motives. Vote and then hold them accountable. They are simply the representatives of Americans, not our Overlords.

Stop being Anti Trump or Anti Hillary. Start being Pro American and Proactive.

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